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To Remove Stress, Do Trikonasana Daily, Know Its Benefits and How to Do It

by Shrishti Khairwal - 09 Aug 2022, Tuesday 133 Views Like (0)
To Remove Stress, Do Trikonasana Daily, Know Its Benefits and How to Do It

Nowadays, we all suffer from stress due to one reason or the other. Being under stress for a long time can lead to anxiety and depression. In such a situation, it is necessary to remove the stress in time. If you want to be stress-free, you can also take the help of yoga if you want to increase the concentration of your mind and mind. Today we are going to talk about such a yoga posture, by which you can reduce your stress level to a great extent. This is trikonasana.

Trikonasana is also known as Triangle Pose. There is such a posture, in which the body looks like a triangle. This asana is a standing pose, which makes the muscles and hamstrings, hips very strong. It also opens the shoulders and tones the calves, legs.

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How to do Trikonasana:

  • To do Trikonasana, first come to the position of Tadasana.
  • During this, keep a distance between your feet.
  • Now open your arms, keep your palms towards the ground.
  • If starting on the right, your right foot should be at a 90-degree angle to the corner of the mat.
  • Then bend to the side.
  • Take a long breath and exhale as you bend the body towards the hip joint.
  • Now open the right leg on the right side.
  • Move your right arm towards the right foot and try to catch the right heel.
  • After this, open the left arm above the body.
  • At this time a straight line should be formed with your hand.
  • Stay in this position for some time and then do the same with the left leg, you can repeat this process 3-5 times.

Benefits of Trikonasana:

Reduce stress

Lower body gets more benefits by doing this asana. By doing this stress is reduced and anxiety goes away. By doing this asana, mental health also improves.

Increase stability

This asana activates your core muscles, due to which your body is able to come in good balance. By doing this asana, your body becomes stable and stable. By doing this yoga posture daily, the stability of the body increases.


Stretch the spine

By doing this asana, the stiffness from the spine ends and there is relief in back pain. It stretches the waist, making the waist flexible.

Beneficial for Hips and Shoulders

This asana helps to fully open the hips and shoulders and increase flexibility. Do this asana from both the sides so that both right and left hips and shoulders get equal benefits.

Stimulate the organ

This asana activates the core muscles. It also activates the upper body, due to which the digestive organs are fine. By doing this asana, your digestive system also works well.

Follow these tips:

  • Avoid bending your waist too much.
  • Keep your legs straight.
  • Stretch your muscles while doing this asana.
  • Precautions during Trikonasana
  • Avoid doing this asana if you are a patient of high blood pressure or have slip disc problem. Apart from this, one should avoid doing this asana even if there is a problem of back pain, back pain and vertigo.

This asana is very beneficial for the flexibility and stability of your body. By doing this asana daily, your mental health is also right and you can get rid of anxiety and stress by doing it. You can try this daily for 10 to 15 minutes. But before doing any type of exercise or posture, expert advice must be taken once.