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5 SEO Strategies That Big Marketers Are Using for Their Websites

by Sofia kelly - 11 Mar 2022, Friday 157 Views Like (0)
5 SEO Strategies That Big Marketers Are Using for Their Websites

If you have a business, then making your e-commerce website visible to the customer base when they search for products should be one of your first priorities. This is important because if your customer base does not know about your website, then they will definitely not go searching for it specifically.

Therefore, to make your website rank higher in search engines, it is important for you to optimize your webpage. Doing so is necessary using SEO strategies as it will help your business to generate more traffic on the website and increase sales.

Read this article to learn about various SEO tactics that you can implement right now to boost the online presence of your business website and blog.

What Is A SEO Strategy?

SEO strategies involve the use of certain forms of keywords to rank your website higher in the Google search engine. Before we go in-depth into this topic, let us understand first what are its components. 

Some of the main components of good SEO strategies are:

1. Short Tail Keywords

Short tail keywords, or focus keywords, are words that are typically searched by people on Google. These are the same words that you type on the Google search bar to find more information on the thing that you are looking for. 

For example, if you are searching for information about the Cocvid pandemic, then you search with words like “coronavirus” or “covid 19” or “covid pandemic.” All of these are examples of short keywords that we use to search on Google.

2. Long-Tail Keywords

Sometimes, a word or two is not enough to search for specific information that you are looking for. For example, if you are searching for “how to cure anxiety without going to a doctor,” this will be considered a long-tailed keyword because it contains more than three to four words. These are often used by people to search for more accurate information on Google. 

3. Keyword Difficulty

Keyword difficulty refers to how difficult it is to rank a page using a certain keyword. The higher the number is, the more blogs and articles are already there, published on the internet. This basically means that the competition for such keywords is already higher the more difficult the keyword is. 

4. Keyword Volume

Keyword volume refers to the number of times the keyword has been searched on Google. The higher the volume, the better will it be for you to rank your page if you strategically use those keywords in your article or website.

5 Best SEO Strategies

The five best SEO strategies that you can apply right now are:

1. Keyword Targeting

This refers to targeting specific keywords to use in your blogging website. Depending on the content that is written on your webpage, you must target relevant keywords to help rank the page higher. For example, if you have a business that deals with selling soaps and detergents to customers, then using keywords like free theme, soaps and detergents will be highly beneficial for ranking your page. 

2. Link Building

The second most significant SEO technique's known as external link establishment. Subsequent to distributing composed pieces, a typical practice is reaching those distributing higher-ranking articles and requesting them to connect to your pages using external backlinks. 

This should be possible in an assortment of ways, either by having an in-house group scour the web for linkable substance, tracking down contact data, and afterward sending recommendations or by recruiting an external advanced marketing group to accomplish the work for you. 

You can also link building using social media marketing by making great use of social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

3. Content Posting

Insights show that organizations who post at least 16 posts each month get 3.5 times higher traffic than the individuals who distribute zero to four. Not only will this keep your SEO content new, yet it additionally can draw in a more prominent readership and crowd. In the event that people realize your site consistently distributes informative content, the opportunity of somebody bookmarking your site and getting back to it for refreshes is far higher.

An article scheduled incorporates blog titles, blog depictions, web-based media posts, and the dates for all applicable content to be delivered and published. Rather than simply posting online journals as they're finished, this permits you and your group to focus on and sort out your content strategy. This is one of the most important features of making viable SEO strategies.

4. Add Relevant Images

Adding good images with SEO-influenced captions will significantly help your website content to rank higher in the Google search engine. This is because Google searches the captions of the pictures to rank an article also. This is why Google has a special Images section to exclusively search for images after typing in a few words. Use these images in your Google Ads and Facebook Ads ad well. 

6. Focus On Readability

Whenever you are posting more SEO content, make sure that it can be easily read and understood by the reader and customers. There is no point in writing content that is so complex that the average English reader will not be able to understand it at all. 


Whenever you decide to enter the world of digital marketing, always have great SEO strategies in your arsenal. This will help you to reach your business goals faster since more and more people will be able to see your website in their search results, along with an increased probability to generate more sales and revenue for your business. Therefore, start your marketing journey by creating a solid SEO strategy!