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Steps to Easily Clean Your Split Air Conditioner

by phillip mendez - 02 Jun 2022, Thursday 249 Views Like (0)
Steps to Easily Clean Your Split Air Conditioner

Maintenance of a split air conditioning system is a mandatory step to ensure the efficiency and proper functioning of the unit. Without regular maintenance, system performance can suffer. Ultimately, you run the risk of excessive electricity consumption and premature wear on the air conditioner.

In general, it is estimated that 95% of air conditioners, air-to-air heat pumps and reversible conditioners are very dirty, which can be the origin of many health problems: legionella, staphylococcus aureus, allergies, asthma , etc.

There is a list of very simple actions you can take yourself to prolong the life of your air conditioner and save energy. At Mancliar we show you the essential steps for effective air conditioning maintenance.

How to clean the air conditioner?
The first step in air conditioner maintenance is to clean the unit's air filters.

Cleaning the air conditioning filters
Air filters are the most important part of the air conditioner as they trap dust and pollen which are a potential breeding ground for dust mites. By agitating the air in a room, the air conditioning system accumulates a large number of suspended particles.

For information, air conditioners agitate up to eight times the volume of air in a room every hour.

These few steps should be done every two weeks during the period of use, usually in summer.

These few key steps in air conditioner maintenance allow you to check the condition of your air filters and change them if necessary.

1- Open the air conditioning box

The indoor unit of your air conditioner must be easily accessible to perform this operation. For safety reasons, do not forget to turn off the air conditioner before performing maintenance.

Open the front panel of the air conditioner by rotating the front panel up. No tools are required to perform this operation.  Visit here for ac repair Davie

The air filters are directly accessible as soon as the lid is opened.

2- Removing the air filters

The air filters are easily removed by unhooking them from their base. No special tools are needed.

Depending on the air conditioner model, the filters can be flat or curved. They are usually curved on home air conditioners to fit the curve of the top of the unit.

3- Dust the air filter

Gently tap your air filters over a trash can and manually remove any lint of dust that may have stuck to the vents.

Then remove any remaining dust with a vacuum cleaner using a narrow nozzle by firmly applying it to the filter grids.

4- Rinse the air filter

Finish by rinsing the filter in a container of clean water. Brushing with a sponge and soap will remove the last particles of dust.

If some accumulations of dust persist, do not hesitate to soak the air filters for a few minutes in soapy water to dissolve them more easily.

Finally, rinse the filters with clean water, let them dry completely in the open air and put them back in the indoor unit after cleaning the active carbon filters, which are sometimes located under the air filters.

Replace the active carbon filter
Remember to replace the active carbon filter at least once a year to avoid bad odours.

The ideal is to change the activated carbon filter once or twice a year, depending on the use made of the air conditioner. Most air conditioners open at the front for easy access to the filter, simply remove it and replace it with an identical model.