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Top Reasons To Choose Hydrovac Excavation Services

by Ben Adley - 21 Oct 2021, Thursday 344 Views Like (0)
Top Reasons To Choose Hydrovac Excavation Services

Excavation can be done by various methods, with hydrovac evacuation emerging as the preferred option by all professionals. Hydro vacuum or hydrovac evacuation is not a new technique but it is surely improved. Modern designs and shapes of hydrovac trucks have made them more efficient and effective in their job. 

What Is Hydrovac Excavation? 

Hydrovac excavation is the method of digging or excavating the soil using high-pressure water and vacuum, without damaging the underground and surrounding utilities. Pressurized water is used to remove the soil and then the large vacuum pump collects the soil and debris and moves them to a special tank. The tank is then emptied at the closest dumping site. 

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It is a system that can detect the underground utilities correctly, eradicating any chances of damage to the neighboring pipes and cables. Hydrovac excavation is now used to perform various jobs such as plumbing projects including pipeline and sewer work.  Various municipal and city installations like street signs and light poles are also done by this modern method more effectively. Hydrovac excavation can also handle construction work of all types, whether residential, commercial, or industrial, and other large landscape digging projects more efficiently. In all these cases hydrovac is a cheaper and faster approach to get better results.

Why Hydrovac Excavation? 

Traditional excavation techniques generally use backhoes for larger spaces while handing tools for excavation in smaller spaces. All these tools make the process labor-intensive, and because of the nature of the process, it becomes dangerous for both infrastructure and workers. The risk potential increases by manifolds when digging or excavation target space has underground utilities. All these risks and difficulties can be avoided by simply switching to the hydrovac excavation technique.

If your company is working on some projects in cold weather, with frozen soil or land, itís even harder to use traditional excavation methods and get the desired results. The traditional methods in winter become even more dangerous and expensive. With the use of warm water, hydrovac can make the digging process easier, accurate, faster, and safer since the soil is left undisturbed and the least winter lapse time is needed. 

Benefits Of Hydrovac Excavation 

Fast And Efficient

Shovels and backhoes or other hand tools each have their own limitations. Whether you are dealing with clay, sandy soil, or even frozen ground, hydrovac excavation has got you all covered, quickly and efficiently. The water streams are able to complete the process speedily by digging a hole in a particular area and sucks the displaced debris in a vacuum pump. The method is specifically fast as there is no need to transport debris again and again to the dumping sites. 

Hydrovac services can also be used in generally inaccessible construction areas. A hydrovac truck can be parked several feet away from the working area and its nozzle can still work on digging the land. This means it can reach areas where backhoes cannot. 

Less Labour Intensive

Traditional excavation techniques use tools like backhoe and hand tools, they need labor to operate and almost do all the work. This makes the traditional techniques labor-intensive. On the other hand, workers needed to complete a hydrovac excavation are limited. Often the process can be completed with two workers, one helper and an operator. Making the job less labor-intensive and saving a lot of manpower.

Better Precision

Many regulatory bodies and municipal or federal laws do not allow the use of traditional excavation methods in some areas. Especially in areas with pre-existing factors such as underground utilities, fragile infrastructure, or closed residential or commercial spaces, only hydrovac excavation must be applied. In such situations hydrovac makes you stay compliant to the rules and regulations by reducing backfilling as well as any additional repairs to already installed utilities, which are common with the use of traditional excavation methods. 

Safer, Less Riskier

Traditional excavation methods are labor-intensive techniques, using dangerous equipment, sometimes even explosives. These methods have additional associated risk factors such as falling debris, cave-ins, landslides, and personal errors, creating hazardous and non-friendly working conditions. The problems even increase when the work is carried out in cold weather, cutting off frozen land is even harder and dangerous. 

In contrast, hydrovac excavation uses nozzles and extensions to emit water and needs fewer workers. Operators are usually at a safer distance from the worksite as well. This makes the overall excavation or digging process much safer and less risky

Reduced Service Interruptions

Using traditional approaches like drilling or backhoeing for excavation purposes causes frequent service interruptions. Whenever underground infrastructure lines are damaged or removed, debris needs to be transported to the dumping site. These interruptions can cause both time and money to the project. It can be the sole reason for a project overrunning deadlines and budget. Typically, it can cause millions of dollars in larger projects. 

Hydrovac excavation is accurate and doesnít cause damage to utilities. Moreover, vacuum pump and tank eradicates the need for frequent to and fro motion to the dumping sites, reducing service interruptions and saving your projects from running overtime and exceeding budgets.