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The terms mentioned here like "Our", "Us", "We" or "Company" collectively and individually are referring to Mr.Journo and the other words like "Your" and "You" are related to the users. The policy is a kind of electronic contract. It is formed under the information Technology Act, 2000 and the rules made here are under the provision of electronic records or documents in many statutes being amended by the Information Technology Act, 2000. The policy does not require any digital, physical or electronic signature. The privacy policy is known to be a document between Mr.Journo and you. The terms of the policy are defined and are valid on your acceptance for the same. The contract will be indirectly or directly in the form of the electronic document, on clicking the I accept tab or by using the website or other means you agree on the privacy policy terms implemented on the website. These actions will govern the relationship between Mr.Journo and you for using the site. We have published this document and will construe accordingly with the provisions of Information technology (sensitive personal data and reasonable security practices) rules, under Information Technology Act, 2000, requiring the publishing of the privacy policy for use, transfer, collection and storage of sensitive personal information or data.

Kindly read the privacy policy for using the website and indicating your understanding, consent and agreement of the privacy policy. If in case you do not agree with any of the terms of the privacy policy, please do not use the website.
By providing us with the information or by using the facility provided by the website, you automatically agree for storage, collection, transfer and processing of any of your non-personal or personal information by us as specified under the Privacy Policy. Further, you agree that any such use, collection, transfer and storage of the data will not cause any wrongful or loss gain to you or any of the other person.


For availing the services on the websites, the users are said to be required for providing specific information for the registration process, namely 1. Email address, 2. your name, 3. age, 4. Sex, 5. debit card or credit card, 6. PIN code, 7. Sexual orientation, 8. medical history and records, 9. biometric information, 10. interests, occupation, 11. password, etc. The information supplied by the users can enable us to improve our sites and provide us with a user-friendly experience. The required information is service dependent, and the company may use the user's data for improving, maintaining and protecting its services, including advertising services. It can use the development of developing new offerings. The information is not considered as sensitive even if it is freely accessible and available in the public domain or is found under the Right to Information Act, 2005.


For improving the site for the users, we may require "cookies' ' or similar kind of electronic tools for collecting information to assign every visitor a random, unique number as a USER ID (User identification) to understand the individual's interests with the help of identified computers. We recognize you through the registration process which requires various details to be put upon by yourself, and we have no other means to know you, even if we can assign cookies to your computer. Our cookies can only collect the information that is provided by you. The cookies cannot read any data presented on your hard drive. The advertisers can assign their cookies to your browser, (if you happen to click on ads), we can't control this process.

We have our web servers that can automatically collect information about the computer connected to the details related to the internet, for instance, your IP address, when you are visiting our site. Do note your IP address is the number that can allow computers to be attached to the internet to know where to send the data, with the help of web pages you viewed. The IP address never extracts any personal information. We have been using the information for delivering our web pages to your interest, for tailoring our sites to the benefits for the users, allowing our advertisers to know our location, to analyze their visitor sources and to measure the traffic landing on our website.

Linking with other Sites:

Our company privacy policy discloses the practices for our website only. We provide links to many other sites, and it is beyond our control as well. We will never be responsible for these sites.

Information Sharing:

We, at this moment, share the sensitive personal information with the third party without obtaining prior consent for the users in limited circumstances:

1. If it is required or requested by court of law or authority to be able to disclose for the identity verification process or the investigation, prevention, detection inclusive of cyber incidents or for punishments and prosecution of offences. These types of disclosures are made in reasonable belief or faith, and they are necessary for enforcing the terms for complying with the applicable regulations and laws.

2. We tend to propose sharing such information in its group companies, employees and officers of such companies for personal processing information on their behalf. We here ensure that the recipients having the information should agree to be able to process such information based on the compliance and instructions stated in our Privacy Policy and any other security measures and confidentiality.

Information Security

To secure the information correctively, we take appropriate measures for protecting it against the unauthorized alteration, access, destruction or disclosure of data. It can include internal reviews for data collection, appropriate encryption, and physical measures for guarding against the unauthorized access for systems for storing personal data. The information gatherers from our website for securing stored for controlling databases. The respective database is stored for servers being stored in the firewall. The access for the servers is always password-protected, and it is also strictly limited. We know that no security system is impenetrable and cannot guarantee the security for our database, now can we guarantee the information supplied will be intercepted for being transmitted to us for the internet. Of course, the report includes the posting for the discussion area available to anyone with internet access. The internet is known to be an evolving medium. It may change the privacy policy every time for necessary, incorporate changes for the future. We, of course, make use of any information we gather and will always remain consistent with the policy, regardless of any new system being implemented soon.

Grievance Redressal

If you have any complaints to address, concerns or abuse regarding content or breach of the above-stated terms, you can immediately inform the grievance officer as mentioned here via email and electronic signature.
To Grievance Officer
Mr. Faseeh Aamir