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Project Management Tips to Work on Lucrative 2D Animation

by Iftikhar Ali - 22 Jun 2022, Wednesday 233 Views Like (0)
Project Management Tips to Work on Lucrative 2D Animation

2D animation may vary depending on the animation style or the background that animators prefer because all the animated backgrounds, vector objects, and vintage backgrounds fall in the 2D animation process. While creating a 2D animation video needs a specific animation that leads toward producing an accurate blend of colors and creativity. And the animators should read the animation process before illustrating or rendering any video. However, we have some famous 2D animations to focus on. Such as The Baby Loony Tunes, The Simpsons, The Little Mermaid, Anastasia, The Jungle Book, and much more.

Let's discuss some project management tips to work on lucrative 2D animation. That perceives the complete 2D animation and depends on the other team members' decisions, actions and work. 

1.      Associate With The Client & The Task

The first stage is to play with the conversations. Your communication with the potential client can be personal or over the phone via instant messages or emails. So the primary thing is to build the interest and make your client understand that you will efficiently draft animation and handle the task as required. 

2.      The Brief

You can't do anything without a good brief as it solves many problems simultaneously. However, if you aren't meeting with your clients in person, you can't be good enough to make a good animation because your clients understand the end video results and will help you take practical actions.

Sometimes, if your clients are a bit serious about taking the quality of work, they will dedicate their time to you. However, many clients can be scared by offering the time on brief. Because they may be only thinking about the investment or the cost.

3.      The Contract

No matter how well you know your client, it is always better to sign a contract with your client with some clause like what sort of work they require? What are the responsibilities? What is the date and amount of the payment? What are the penalties in case of delays? 

Furthermore, each animatic project and the client are unique, so don't use the exact template for all your networks. And it's better to design a contract that will protect you from unprincipled clients.

4.      The Planning And Research

After fully absorbing the clients' project, let's start working on the planning and research stage. So the client and the team must know the time required to perform the specific tasks. Furthermore, the planning of the video can be in terms of a giant chart, a list of tasks with a deadline, or a calendar.

5.      The Concepts and Setups

In the next stage, we can offer the concept to our client. It is as similar as the screenwriter can do. And a practical concept can perform as a time-saver. So instead of writing the entire script, you can provide the faster and more efficient 3 to 4 concepts. Then the scriptwriter will develop them after taking approval from the client.

6.      The Storyboarding

The storyboarding is the next stage of work on the video and a draft of the key scenes. This stage provides an efficient vision of future illustration and a clear look at the scenes in the video. However, the illustrator and a particular person can work on a storyboard and draw the character of the future video.  

7.      The Illustration and Concept Rendering

After making the storyboard, letís begin with the concept and illustration rendering. At first, we choose the colors and styles by providing one or more video frames. However, we have the main character animation who will turn the face of the product or the future campaign. So then, we will decide to begin with the concept of the character. 

8.      Sound Design And Music

After rendering the concept and the illustration, the work is almost completed. But the final touch was ignored, that is sound and music. Because this stage decides at the beginning of the project if the client wants the sound design and music or not. However, the music can be bought on the audio stock or written primarily for a video. Most of the time, the client selects the audio stock option because of its easy availability. After that, the video can finally be considered complete.

The Final Verdict

Engage with your audience is a vital step of the animation. So to manage any 2D animation project or offer 2D animation services, you should rely on the above-mentioned animation basics. While creating animation videos or driving any animation process, grasp the audience's attention instantly. However, if you have some other queries in mind, feel free to reach out to us!