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7 Ways to Fix a Windshield Crack Before It Gets Worse

by Auto Glass Repair USA - 07 Jun 2022, Tuesday 185 Views Like (0)
7 Ways to Fix a Windshield Crack Before It Gets Worse

If you have a minor crack in your windshield, donít panic! Most chips and cracks can be repaired, and there are many ways to go about doing it. Here are seven steps you can take to fix windshield crack before it gets worse or leads to other problems.

1) Avoid Extreme Temperatures

Hot and cold temperatures are both bad for your windshield. Cracks caused by hot weather can become worse when exposed to extreme cold, while cracks caused by extreme cold tend to deepen when exposed to heat. To keep your windshield in good shape, avoid driving in high-heat or low-temperature environments. Itís best practice not leaving your car parked outside during harsh conditions, too. Make sure you take your car for windshield repair san diego if you notice a crack on your windshield at any time of year.

2) Keep it Cofix ol

A little prevention goes a long way when it comes to fixing windshield cracks. The key is to keep your windshield in tip-top shape. That means you should avoid parking your car in direct sunlight, as extreme heat can cause stress fractures or other damage. And never, ever wash your windshield while itís hotóthe cold water will weaken and potentially break your glass. Once you've found yourself with a crack or chip, fix it right away before temperatures drop and freeze any moisture into an expanding (and expensive) fissure in your glass. By taking proper care of your carís windshield now, you'll save money and hassle later down the road.

3) Try a DIY Approach

The DIY approach is becoming increasingly popular for fixing windshield cracks and chips, but it's not necessarily easy to pull off. Clean your windshield well with soapy water, dry it completely and then try using two rubber gloves filled with ice cream: one as an outer layer on your hand, and one as an inner layer that you'll press over the chip while spreading in upward strokes. If that doesn't work, you can apply a glass-repair kit; it'll require cleaning with alcohol and following some specific instructions provided by your kit. If neither of these DIY fixes work, contact your local auto glass shop; they might be able to repair it using their tools in just a few minutes' time.

4) Determine if you need professional help

If youíre lucky, you might not need any extra help and can address your fix windshield crack with clear, plastic tape. But if your chip is small enough, itís best to leave it alone and call your insurance company to see if theyíll reimburse you for an auto glass repair or windshield replacement. You may find that some auto glass repair companies will waive their replacement fee if you take their insurance paperwork or tell them about your plan coverage beforehand. If it comes down to choosing between those two options, replacing your windshield or repairing it yourself is likely going to be cheaper in terms of time, effort and cost. Unless you are confident in doing a good job (and have all of the tools), consider letting a pro handle everything for you.

5) Patchwork Is Only Temporary

A fix windshield crack may start out as nothing more than a tiny, innocuous scratch in your carís windshield. But over time and with temperature changes, even an extremely minor chip can become larger and more serious. While it might seem tempting to attempt to patch up your cracked or damaged windshield by yourself, itís best not to rush into auto glass repair. Instead, consult with our team of San Diego auto glass experts for help repairing cracks before they worsen. Our service is quick and efficient so you can be on your wayósafelyóin no time!

6) Repair All Cracks Right Away

While itís easy to brush off these small incidents, if you want your windshield repaired correctly, early intervention is crucial. Also remember that some states require a chip or crack of over 1?4 before allowing for a windshield replacement and repairing it later can become more difficult. If you think you need windshield repair in San Diego, donít wait any longer. With our 10-minute in-shop service we can get your auto glass back into top shape in no time! 

7) Recognize an Obvious Problem

Minor windshield cracks and chips can usually be repaired by a professional with relative ease. The problem is that many drivers who suffer from these sorts of issues ignore them, thinking theyíre not big enough to merit immediate attention. This can lead to much bigger problems down the road. If youíve got a crack in your windshield or know someone who does, avoid waiting until it gets any worse. Contact an expert at auto glass repair San Diego for help getting your car back into shape. He or she will likely be able to make quick work of most minor windshield damage and have you on your way sooner than later.