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All About Bridgestone Tyres

by Simply Tyres - 26 Jul 2022, Tuesday 316 Views Like (0)
All About Bridgestone Tyres

If your tyres aren't appropriate for the situation, it can be very risky for you as well as others. You can stick your tyre in mud while off-roading or have a puncture because of the importance of the tyre. That is why one should always consider the following before they purchase a tyre. 


Most people choose to buy tubeless tyres as they are long-term investments. These tyres have low maintenance and are easy to repair. We understand that they are a bit costlier than tube tyres but they also provide better safety and support to your car. A tubeless tyre comes with a reinforcement wall. These walls act as a supporter when you have a punctured tyre and also offer control over your vehicle so that you can get to a safe place or an auto repair shop. Whereas tube tyres are the opposite of tubeless tyres. The driver loses all his control when the tube tyre suffers from a puncture and is non-repairable. 


The size of the tyre is another very important variable to check when purchasing a tyre. Although the manufacturers mention the size of the tyre in the car manual. But some people tend to buy bigger tyres for a robust look. Mind that these tyres will need replacement sooner than the original size and can prove to be harmful to your vehicle as well.


Apart from the above, road condition is one of the three main variables that one must consider. Because of the only source of contact between road and vehicle, tyres tend to suffer all kinds of road conditions. That is why it is important to take it under consideration. For instance, wide-width tyres are great for off-roading but arent much efficient on city streets. 


Tread is another one of the three main variables. It helps in the prevention of hydroplaning and also offers traction which is very much necessary for the movement of the tyres. In addition to these features, Tyres Hinckley comes in different tread patterns as well. 

    1. Asymmetric tread pattern: tyres with asymmetric tread patterns have dual tread protection. Inner tread for preventing hydroplaning and outer for traction. That is why they need proper mounting. They also offer high-speed ratings and are famous on race tracks. 
    2. Symmetric tread pattern: tyres with symmetric tread patterns have a single tread pattern and are famous in passenger cars. They offer great traction and are easy to mount.
    3. Directional tread pattern: tyres with direction tyres also have a single tread but they can move in only one direction. They are very common in winter tyres and offer great traction on wet and icy surfaces. 


Changing tyres every season is necessary, especially in are where temperature can drop or rise to extremity. It is more of a safety reason than a liability. The wrong tyre in the wrong weather condition can put you in the worst situation which we are sure you won't like. Car Tyres Leicester offer you a seasonal tyre. They are:

    1. Winter tyres: these tyres are only efficient when used under temperatures below 7C. They have deep tread and grooves that help in offering great traction on icy and snowy surfaces. 
    2. Summer tyres: these tyres are perfect to perform in temperatures above 7C. They offer great handling even at a high-speed rating. They have grooves and wide tread blocks which help in providing better traction. 
    3. All-season tyres: these tyres are efficient only in moderate weather conditions above 4C. They can not perform in extreme weather conditions. Although they offer great traction on wet and dry roads. But these tyres offer maximum traction on water-filled roads.


The rubber material of the tyre helps you with the durability and performance of the tyre. The composition of different polymer and chemical compounds helps your tyres to remain flexible in addition to being soft in winters and hard in summer. The quality tyre also provides heat resistance that protects your tyre from overheating and tyre failure. Besides the rubber quality maintenance can also help you with the durability of the tyres. Make sure your tyres are younger than 6 months because they are more durable and efficient than older or part-worn tyres. 


Whether you are looking for off-roading tyres or seasonal tyres, it is important to have your research done properly so that you have perfect tyres. This will not only provide you with safety but also an exhilarating driving experience. Our operators assist you in picking the perfect tyre for your vehicle. Call us now or book an appointment if you want to have a comfortable and smooth driving experience.