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Buying, Selling, and Transferring Private Registration Number Plates

by Mark ROI - 17 Jun 2022, Friday 319 Views Like (0)
Buying, Selling, and Transferring Private Registration Number Plates

People who want to make their automobile appear distinctive sometimes opt for private registration number plates. 

However, purchasing a set of plates and pasting them on the automobile isn't enough; you must also register as the plate's owner and assign the plate to the vehicle. If you sell your car with the plates, move them to another car, or cease using them, you must notify the DVLA.

Buying Private Registration Number

The DVLA will provide you a V750 certificate once you've purchased them, proving that you own the private reg plates and have the authority to apply them to your car. 

On the organization's private registration number website, you may find out when the next auction will be held and a list of number plates for sale and their pricing.

However, you will still need to apply for the plates assigned to your vehicle. Dealers can assist you, but the car must first be registered to you if you're doing it yourself. You may submit your application online or by writing to the DVLA. 

Transferring Private Registration Number 

If you're buying a new automobile and want to transfer your private registration number plates to it, you must first ask to have them removed from your current vehicle.

This is comparable to allocating license plates to a car; you may do so online or write to the DVLA. You must pay 80 and have the car's V5C registration certificate on hand.

The car's original registration number is automatically reallocated after this, and you'll need to replace the previous number plates before it may be driven on public roads. You'll get new V5C paperwork with the car's original registration number, a V778'retention certificate proving the private registration number plates are still yours and that you may use them later, and a reference number, just as before.

Using the aforementioned reference number, you can now apply to transfer the plates to a new vehicle. This is the same as applying for license plates for a new automobile, and you can do it either online or by writing to the DVLA.

Selling cars with Private registration Number Plates

You'll need to assign the plates to the buyer if you wish to sell your automobile with private reg number plates or simply the plates themselves.

Go to the DVLA's website, fill out the Assign an online number form, or mail your V778 or V750 form together with the V5C document of the vehicle in question to the DVLA.

It's fairly typical for owners to sell their private registration number plates separately from their vehicles, either through specialized dealers or online. If you're doing the latter, don't share a photo of the V750 or V778 paperwork because the information might be used to allocate number plates to someone else. 

How is it different cherished registration number plates

A cherished registration number plate is essentially the same as a private reg plate. The owner chooses a number plate rather than one assigned by the DVLA. When you buy a car, you usually do not influence the characters that appear on the license plate. You can now be confident that it will not mention anything objectionable.