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How Should You Care For Your Spare Tyres? An Exhaustive Manual!

by Hive Henley - 26 Aug 2022, Friday 152 Views Like (0)
How Should You Care For Your Spare Tyres? An Exhaustive Manual!

Have you ever visited a pool? Always have an extra set of clothing with you so you may change after. Each of us carries extra supplies on us in case of an emergency. Additionally, it is a wise practice since we never realise what may occur. 

Spare phone adapters are usually kept on hand, and kids' pen cases are over-filled with extra pens. The human mind naturally keeps a backup of some crucial information.

Similar to this, our cars are one of our most essential possessions, and we depend significantly on them. Practically all four of a vehicle's tyres are being used for movement.

So it makes sense that they would become very worn down. We simply don't know when or where that will occur! We can, however, in some way foretell its intensity by observing or scrutinising it beforehand.

Unfortunately, there are rare instances where our routine service, repair, and inspection won't be effective. When there is a quick blowout, burst, or significant rupture. What could you do if you were heading straight to a significant event at the time this tragedy occurred? It could feel exhausting to run back home or to the garages. So, one of your greatest solutions in this situation is to always carry a spare tyre.

Spare tyres, however, are not ordinary tyres. You can therefore utilise them momentarily to merely travel to a neighbouring garage.

We are here to assess whether it is safe to use your spare tyre while driving and further investigate the area because of this. Learn where to buy the best automobile Tyres Elstree as well.

Maintain Your Carís Spare Tyre at All Times

Despite your justification for skipping basic maintenance, our professionals would often suggest getting a head start on it. You must always remember to check and service your car's tyres. However, you must never overlook to maintain your spare tyre as well.

Your spare tyres could be in good working order by routine inspection so that they can be easily used in a crisis.

Watch out for the following:


We assume you are already aware of the significance of your car tyres' air pressure. The quality and durability of your car's tyres may get impacted by the differential air pressure levels on each side. Travelling on the road is also perilous and hazardous in this case.

When you drive a lot, the pressure on your tyres frequently changes. But idleness might also cause them to change.

The majority of the time, your spare tyre is present under the hood. As a result, it spends a lot of time doing nothing. When you opt to utilise your tyre in an emergency, this could result in a decrease in tyre pressure. It may suffer the same end as a standard tyre. Therefore, it is wise to also check the spare tire's air pressure.

Your Spare Tyres Need Rotation Too

Your spare tyre may have more harm than you may imagine because of the immobility, to reiterate. Therefore, at least once every 2 weeks, our experts urge vehicle owners to spin their spare tyres.

Every 6 to 8 thousand miles, you should rotate the positions of your tyres, including your spare. Position rotation causes the location of the tyres across the vehicle to change.

Check the Age and Condition of the Tyres.

Are you unsure about whether you need new tyres? Before making a choice, look at its condition and age once. The spare tyres are no different. More harm might be there to older tyres than to modern ones. Additionally, they typically have weaker grasping capacities. Every individual on the road comes under a dangerous situation.

If you're unsure, you may also ask a local tyre professional or garage to take a look for you. They can quickly assess whether your tyres need replacing, repairing, or just maintenance.

Keep a Patch Kit/ Puncture Tools on Hand.

A puncture-repair kit should always be with you. You can never be sure of the situation. Therefore, your spare tyre may also puncture if your primary tyres do. If the shop is too far from you at that point, your only choice would be to fix it on the side of the highway. Therefore, never forget your puncture kit at home.

Make Sure It Fits in Perfectly.

Inspect the fit of your spare tyre in the same way that you examine the fit of your main tyre. Are you searching for the best tyres in the area or do you have any additional questions? To get the best Tyres Borehamwood, call us right away.