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What Is a Panel Beater?

by Tara Cruz - 23 Aug 2022, Tuesday 176 Views Like (0)
What Is a Panel Beater?

In the event of any occurrence that damages one or more panels, panel beaters also known as smash repairers are crucial to ensuring that your car is put back to a roadworthy condition. Panel beaters fix bodywork using techniques likemetalworking, welding, putty fillers, and other procedures. The panel beaters may need to fix or replace parts of a car as part of accident repair. These components could be created from a variety of materials, such as fibreglass, several different polymers, steels, and alloys.

The typical panel beater can fix automobiles, vans, 4WDs, and other ordinary vehicles. Motorcycle, vehicle, and even aeroplane repairs fall within the category of specialised domains.

Working of a panel beater:

Panel beaters are experts in their field and have spent years honing their skill set to remove internal and external damage to your vehicle's panels with efficiency. As a result, each panel beater takes a slightly different method, although they all generally work toward the same underlying goal: returning vehicles to their pre-damage state.

The damage and the sections of your car that need repair will be assessed by a panel beater as soon as possible; this will enable them to provide you with a quote and an idea of how long the repairs will take. The damaged panels will then be removed from the frame so that work may begin on them, or if the damage is too severe and cannot be repaired, new panels will need to be installed.

Panel beaters can restore your car because they are knowledgeable in a wide range of processes and methods.

These include: 

1. Filling dents and scratches with special fillers; 

2. Smoothing and sanding damage so it blends in with neighbouring panels;

3. Replacing any potentially harmed body hardware, such as locks or sensors;

4. Eliminating some dings, dents, and scratches using paint less dent removal (PDR) methods without having to repaint;

5. Painting the repaired panels the same colour as the surrounding panels and the rest of the car.

6. Reassembling and reinstalling the fixed components

What elements influence the price of panel beating services?

Before providing you with a final repair estimate, a panel beater will take into account a number of criteria. The brand and type of your car are extremely important, as is always the case with automotive maintenance. Your car will cost more than a regular vehicle if it is equipped with specialised features or has cutting-edge technology put into it.

There is a good likelihood that your car will need replacement parts because of the serious damage. Because panel beaters always order replacements from the original manufacturer, this is an additional pricey expense. Although it may be alluring to save money now by using non-original auto components, doing so will end up costing you more in the long run.

The issue of paint is another. A professional paint job will always cost a lot of money. Since cheaper or sporadic paint jobs may fade and scratch over time, it is unquestionably worthwhile. When possible, panel beaters will use PDR techniques, but if painting is necessary, you want to be sure you're receiving the best.


Some panel beaters don't even fix smash repairs; they focus solely on automobile restorations. Others might focus on body modification, like what is done to hot rods.