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What You Should Be Looking For in a Tyre?

by Bromsgrove Service - 20 Jul 2022, Wednesday 119 Views Like (0)
What You Should Be Looking For in a Tyre?

As well know, tyres are crucial for a vehicle. They offer stability and comfort during a journey. A Tyres Beoley acts as a cushion against the shock that we experience while moving through rough surfaces. It is important for the tyres to be of the best quality to work against these challenges. Without proper customization of the tyre, it will be difficult to overcome the challenges you might face during a journey.

Now you can choose to buy branded tyres or the best quality tyre available in the market. It won't give you comfort and performance if they are not suitable for your vehicle. Before choosing the brands of tyres, you must choose the right kind of tyre for you. To choose the perfect tyre you need to go through the list of different tyres available for different occasions. 

The most common factor that affects the performance of the tyre is the road conditions, climate change and the tread pattern.


Different tread patterns are available for tyres . Before we jump to that, know why your treads are important. Treads are the raised rubber part that you can observe on the tyres. They offer the traction that enables the vehicle to move. Apart from traction, the treads also help in channelling the water. This is to prevent hydroplaning. The water accumulation forms a layer of barrier between the tyre and the surface. This led to a lack of grip on the surface. That is why the water needs evacuation. The different tread patterns available are:

  • Conventional tread pattern

The conventional or symmetric tread pattern tyres have a single tread pattern throughout the tyres. They are better at channelling the water. They can also cancel the noise while cornering. These tyres offer great traction and are great for daily purposes. That is why they are famous for passenger cars.

  • Uni-direction tread pattern

Uni-directional or directional tread pattern tyres, similar to the symmetric tread pattern, have a singular tread design. These tread patterns are most common in winter tyres. Because these tyres can move in one direction only, they need mounting in a specific direction. They also have a small arrowhead design that shows the direction of mounting. Besides that they have M+S markings on them, that is, mud and snow tyres because they offer exceptional grip on icy and glassy roads.

  • Asymmetric tread pattern

Asymmetric tread pattern tyres are unique from the other two tread patterns. They have two sets of the tread design. Both individually work on different problems. That is why they are famous on race tracks. The inner tread which is inside the sidewalls of the tyre prevents hydroplaning. Whereas the outer tread provides the necessary traction. They also offer the stability which is necessary while cornering at high-speed.


Changes in seasons happen all around the world. Since the climate is not stable anywhere. Different seasonal tyres are necessary. They act as an amour against the climate condition and fight through the challenges. This is essential because one tyre can not sustain changes in the climate conditions. That is why seasonal tyres fight against different weather conditions.  

  • Winter tyres

The cold disables the vehicle to perform. This is mostly because the rubber gets hard in cold conditions. Since winter tyres are for temperatures below 7C. They comprise of special chemical compound that makes the rubber remain soft enough to move on the cold pavement. These tyres also have deep tread blocks and grooves that allow the vehicle to intensify the grip. They help the vehicle to cling to the road and move without skidding.

  • Summer tyres

Extreme warmth can lead to the tyres going soft. But with summer tyres you can move swiftly even in warm weather conditions above 7C. The chemical compound of these tyre enables the rubber compound to remain hard enough. This allows the tyres to offer great traction on dry and wet land. They also have wide tread blocks. They help the tyre to increase the contact patch between the tyre and the surface. The increased contact patch offers a high-speed rating. They also offer greater stability while cornering.

  • All-season tyres

The all-season Car Tyres Bromsgrove are a relief to those who live in moderate weather conditions. These tyres can work efficiently in both hot and warm conditions. They comprise grooves as well as wide tread blocks. The grooves offer grip on the icy and glassy surfaces. Whereas the wide tread blocks offer stability for steering handling and cornering. But these tyres can only survive up to 4C. So be aware that you can use them only in a moderate climate.

Besides the climate condition and tread pattern, other factors are also important to choose the right tyres. Such as:

  • Tube tyre or tubeless tyre

  • Width of the tyres

  • Size of the tyre

  • Age of the tyres

  • Rubber compound and material