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Why Shouldn’t You Wait to Fix a Cracked Windshield Repair?

by Logan Smith - 02 Aug 2022, Tuesday 131 Views Like (0)
Why Shouldn’t You Wait to Fix a Cracked Windshield Repair?

Most of us have experienced it before that we might be happily driving towards our destination and suddenly some flying debris or element hit our windscreen. Yes, the sound you fear the most is heard - a glass cracking sound. At first, you would feel frustration and anger, but it is will not take long before you start ignoring it like it is an overdue speeding ticket.  

However, just like when you postpone paying for speeding tickets, things just get worse. Similarly, when you push back repairing the cracked windscreen, the problem gets worse and repairs climb the ladder of expenses non-stop. 

A windscreen chip may not bother you immediately, but it can at some instance, the chip can change into a spiderweb or into something more dangerous. Depending on the location of the chip or crack, it can cause a complete collapse of the windshield. It is more dangerous than you think. Hence, the tiny ignorance can challenge the road-worthiness of your vehicle. 

Apart from this, several other reasons you should not postpone Exact auto windshield repair. Some of them are explained in the following article. 

Driver’s View Is Blocked

First, the problem that a long chip or wide crack can cause is disrupted vision for the driver. You don’t have to be a genius to understand that anything disrupting your vision is a distraction. These distractions can easily lower your response rate and cause more accidents. 

Just think it is the difference between you recognizing or not recognizing the deer darting across the highway. Why risk the dangerous and fatal possibilities when you can get the problem fixed quickly? The cost for windshield repair or replacement is nothing compared to the losses incurred due to road accidents. 

You Can Be Fined 

Ignoring a windshield crack just to save the costs involved in repair or replacement is not a wise decision. A chipped or cracked windshield can land you with an expensive traffic ticket. 

Yes, a broken windshield is considered a traffic rule violation in most Canadian provinces. However, the amount of the fine differs. For instance, in Ontario, the fine is about $110 while in British Columbia it is $56. Similarly, in Alberta, the crack and blemish exceeding 12mm are considered a violation, and the fine can sometimes be several hundred dollars. 

Airbags Can Fail 

When your car experiences a collision, your airbags are deployed to provide a cushion and avoid whiplash and other injuries. When your car hits something, your airbags come out and inflate against the windscreen and move towards you. 

If the windshield is broken, chipped, or cracked, it may not be able to support the airbag inflation. As a result, the windscreen may break and force the airbags to inflate outside the car. Hence, a chipped or cracked windshield can cause severe injuries and even death. 

Weaker Roof Support 

When you avoid visiting a windshield repair or replacement expert only because it will cost some dollars, you are making a grief mistake. A damaged windshield actually reduces the structural integrity of your car. Your windshield is not only helping you look out but also providing the needed support to your car’s roof. 

The roof is badly affected by the pesky crack; it becomes weaker. In most cars, the windshield actually acts as the supporting beam for the roof to stay in its shape and cover the car’s interior. In case of roll-over accidents, your windshield helps provide support to the car’s roof and keep it intact to every possible extent. 

However, if the windscreen is chipped or cracked, it will not be able to perform this function and the roof of the car will collapse under the weight of the car. This can lead to serious and even fatal consequences. 

You Will Save Time And Money

When you leave a small problem unattended, it gradually becomes bigger and more problematic. The bigger problem obviously needs more time and money to get fixed. Similarly, your windshield’s chip or crack can grow bigger in no time. A small chip can convert into a spiderweb glass crack overnight. 

However, when treated earlier, the chips and cracks are usually cheaper and easier to repair. But when you take long enough to contact an auto glass repair company, you will surely need to spend more of your hard-earned money and invest a lot of time. 

Another reason you should repair your chip quickly is to avoid discoloring your windscreen. 


Delaying treating a chipped or cracked windscreen can cause serious consequences that can range from bad collisions to fatal roll-over accidents. It is important to get it fixed at the earliest to avoid serious repercussions of an apparent small-looking chip and crack. Your windscreen mechanic can guide you on whether to get the windshield repair or replacement.