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Why You Should Choose Buick as Your First Luxury Car

by Biplab Chakraborty - 09 Oct 2022, Sunday 291 Views Like (0)
Why You Should Choose Buick as Your First Luxury Car

Every once in a while, everyone is entitled to enjoy some luxurious treats that help them amp up their lifestyle. And, for most people, getting a brand-new car reflects their standard of living.

Getting a luxury car is not just a status symbol but also ensures style and comfort in your everyday commute, thus making it a relishing experience. Now, you are highly contemplating buying Buick. Is getting Buick from a Buick dealer in Riverside truly a sign of luxury and sophistication?

 Let's take a look!

Buick branding

Anyone who knows Buick or has even heard of its name knows that it's one of the most renowned brands in the world. Anyone who sees you driving a Buick, from car novices to industry experts, would know that you have one of the most stellar cars in your kitty.

So, if you care about amplifying your reputation and impressing your friends and family, then the Buick model is the one for you!

High-quality construction

Its high-quality, unmatched construction makes Buick stand apart from the crowd. It uses quality materials and elite engineering to offer top-notch results. This is precisely why every long ride in this luxury car will only lead to incredible performance and a feeling of fulfillment.

Noise-canceling technology

Just want to enjoy your long drive without the unwanted noises from outside engulfing your precious space and hindering your 'me-time'?

Buick is known for its innovative strategies and features, and one such includes the noise-canceling technology known as 'Quiet Tuning.' It has three modes-

  • The car becomes quieter itself
  • The noise from outside cannot penetrate inside anymore
  • Absorbing noise that does come inside the car

Air ionizer feature

Not just a regular air conditioning system, Buick has an air ionizer technology that works on improving the air quality in the car. It helps mitigate any funny odor present in the vehicle, which is especially helpful if you are driving in a smelly area.

Moreover, it also has a filtering feature that keeps pollution outside the car, maintaining healthy and clean air inside the vehicle.

Adaptive control

Buick is flooded with several features to make it easier for the person behind the wheel to drive around. Since safety is one of the prime concerns for the manufacturer, the car has adaptive cruise control.

Wondering what that means? The car is an intelligent vehicle that maintains a secure distance from other means of transport.

It also comprises intelligent airbags and a forward collision alert.


When one thinks of a luxury car, the thought of shelling out hefty amounts of money comes automatically. Not with Buick, though.

The car is worth its price and offers a line of features that most cars in the automotive industry can only dream of. The makers provide a line of Buick models, all under a comfortable budget.

Buick Enclave is worth $43,300-$57,000, while Buick Encore is even more inexpensive, priced at $24,400-$30,600. There are several other designs that you can check out at the nearest Buick dealer in Riverside!

Final words

Owning a luxury car shouldn't be a far-fetched dream. With Buick around, you can realize this desire in no time.

It has many fantastic features, from noise-canceling technology to adaptive cruise control. It's safe, comfortable, and under budget. So, what are you waiting for? Get one soon in your garage!