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Windscreen Chip Repair ?” Good for Your Pocket and the Environment

by Logan Smith - 01 Jun 2022, Wednesday 171 Views Like (0)
Windscreen Chip Repair ?” Good for Your Pocket and the Environment

It should not be a surprise that a chipped or cracked windscreen is more than just an eyesore. You might be told that the issue with your windscreen is not as serious as an engine fault or a mechanical problem. Don’t be fooled! Windscreen damage can be quite hazardous for you, your fellow passengers, and others on the road. 

Let's take a moment and consider what your windscreen has to do for your car. In the worst-case scenario, the windscreen has a crucial role in avoiding roof crushing in a rollover accident. Similarly, your windscreen has a significant role in the proper inflation of airbags. However, these are the worst conditions one could get into. Regular windscreen maintenance and repair are important to keep the vehicle roadworthy. 

Heard a strange hitting noise while driving? Now you have a chip on your windscreen? No need to panic. It is not time for a lengthy and costly windscreen replacement. You can simply get it repaired instead. In fact, you will be surprised to know about the benefits of getting your windshield repaired. 

Some of the windshield repair benefits are explained in the following article. 


Stopping by your nearest auto glass company for a windscreen chip repair will be quite quicker than replacement. In fact, professionals can repair the windshield chip in less than an hour, with the average time nearing half an hour. Repair is a seamless process and needs no pre or post-preparation. 

Usually when you get a windscreen replaced, you have to wait for it to settle and dry for more than a day. Even after that, you have to be careful about the impact and pressure it gets for a good two to three weeks. When you repair the simple chip, you don’t have to worry about any of these. In fact, your vehicle becomes roadworthy right after the mechanic hands over it to you after completing the repair. 

Better For Your Car 

Conversion of chips into cracks and then windscreen collapsing is a common phenomenon faced by many drivers that ignore the chips. So, if you are repairing your windscreen chip you are not only getting rid of the apparent defect on your front view screen but also strengthening that particular area on the windscreen. This will prevent the chip from spreading and turning into clearer cracks. 

Professional technicians at trustworthy auto glass repair and replacement companies usually formulate resins to fix these chips. The chipped area is filled with resin. The resin is then heated; the heat expands the resin and fills the chip area completely. 

If you get the chip repaired right away, you have got ample chances to actually increase the lifespan of your windscreen. 


It is not uncommon for drivers to avoid windscreen chips out of concern for the cost involved in the complete windshield replacement. The chip on the windscreen may appear irrelevant initially, but we can assure you that if you neglect the chip, it will become a hard-to-swallow problem. The sooner you commit to the windshield chip repair, the cheaper it will be. A full replacement is relatively costly as compared to the windscreen repair provided by Exact Auto glass service stations. 

In fact, the windscreen chip repair may not cost you anything if you have full car insurance that includes glass protection. 

Environmentally Friendly

Apart from being lighter on your pocket and being better for your car, repairing the windscreen over replacement is also better for the environment. Windscreen glass is next to impossible when it comes to recycling. It contains PVB layers and glass is laminated. 

All these layers need to be separated before recycling. Most of the modern windshield glass contains radio antennas and integrated heating elements embedded within the glass. Unfortunately, these ADAS advanced windscreens cannot be returned to a glass furnace and molded into other structures. This means once the glass is embedded with ADAS and then disposed of, landfills are the only place they can rest after that. 

A car glass is estimated to take a million years to degrade naturally. Thus, every car glass replaced is an additional element in clogging the landfill. 

Additionally, it is worth mentioning here that the energy used to produce one windscreen is equivalent to the energy usage in repairing 10,000 windscreen. Environmental scientists are adamant that we can save 57 million metric tons of carbon emissions every year, only by increaing glass repair instead of glass replacement. 


Conclusively, by getting the chip on your windshield repaired you are not only saving a lot of your hard earned dollars but also doing a great favor to the environment. A simple action of windshield repair over windshield replacement is making your life easy. Moreover, you are playing your part in leaving a healthy planet for the generations coming ahead.