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How Can a Mobile App Beautify Your Salon Business?

by Bella Allen - 27 Jul 2022, Wednesday 319 Views Like (0)
How Can a Mobile App Beautify Your Salon Business?

You see, even if you’re just entering the market, developing a mobile app for your salon business will only help it expand.

The key reason is that the majority of consumers currently use smartphones, and statista estimates that mobile apps generate over $40 billion in annual revenue for the sector.

A salon app for your business can bring in a lot of satisfied clients by offering features like cashless transactions, attractive referral offers, emergency appointments, and fast notifications on limited discounts, especially because the salon industry relies heavily on repeat business.

For one of our clients in the US, we recently developed Barber’s Connect, an on-demand salon app development. The app enables barbershops and beauty parlours to list their services along with all the necessary information, after which clients can schedule an appointment, pay online, get driving instructions, and get in touch with the barber directly.

The point is, it still makes sense to develop a mobile app for salon business. In this post, we’ll discuss the difficulties salon businesses now face and how salon app development might help them overcome those difficulties.

Challenges Salon Businesses Face

Even though the salon sector is expanding rapidly, barbershops and salons continue to face challenges in the form of increased competition. The principal difficulties that salons now face are listed below. Learn how a mobile app for your business can help you overcome the issues you are now encountering by reading about them.

1: Fierce competition

As was already indicated, with so many options available to clients, barbershops and salon businesses face particularly fierce competition.

2: Employee Productivity

Barber’s Connect’s researchers and developers found that most salons and barbershops lack an effective management system for scheduling appointments and allocating staff members to different clients. Overall productivity is ultimately impacted by this, particularly if you have several branches.

3: Retention of clients

Recurring consumers are a primary driver of the salon sector, as was already mentioned. In actuality, according to Gartner, 20% of clients account for 80% of business. However, the majority of barbershops and salons fall short in maintaining a relationship with their clients. This is primarily due to the fact that the majority of salons and barbershops don’t even have any customer information.

4: Getting More Popular

Since the majority of salon businesses rely heavily on their location to be found by potential consumers, being in a less-than-ideal location makes it challenging to become well-known and visible. However, a mobile app for your salon business can work wonders in terms of online consumer targeting and luring them in with tempting promotions.

In conclusion, creating a salon appointment app for your company will not only help you attract more clients and increase sales, but it will also be highly valued by your clientele. Continue reading to learn how developing a salon app may help both your clientele and your company in priceless ways.

Salon and barbershop benefits

Purchasing a salon app will benefit you greatly and be of great use to you in the long run. Let’s go into more detail about each perk below.

1: Improved management

Admit it: if your employees is aware that three additional clients are in line waiting for their turn, it will undoubtedly alter the level of service they provide. However, a mobile app’s appointment booking function enables better administration of consumers who are waiting.

2: A higher rate of customer retention

If you run a barbershop or salon, you’ve probably already dealt with a lot of upset clients. Due to the delay in delivering your services, these irate clients are more inclined to march in the direction of your rival. However, you can inform customers of the available time slots or let them know in advance if there will be a delay in catering them via a mobile app, preventing you from making them wait in line and upsetting them.

3: Foster closer connections with clients

Within your mobile app, you may save and manage all of your clients’ data, including their contact information and skin tone. With this information, you may reach out to your consumers on a regular basis, send them updates, and make offers to deepen the relationships.

4: Differ from the Competition

Your salon business can most definitely benefit from having a mobile app to set itself apart from rivals. By expanding your salon app’s reach, you may also focus on a larger market.

Well-known salons that are benefiting from having a mobile app

Adopting the mobile-first strategy has become commonplace for barbershops and salon businesses worldwide as more and more salons create mobile apps. In reality, a few well-known salon chains are currently utilising a unique salon appointment mobile app solution.

Jazz Up – A well-known network of unisex hair and beauty salons in India, Jazz Up provides a range of salon services in addition to online appointment scheduling, payment options, a style gallery, and other features.

Bblunt – Bblunt is a well-known salon chain in the UAE and India that has used mobile technology into its operations only for the purpose of gathering client feedback and subsequently enhancing client satisfaction.

Enrich – Another salon chain that benefited significantly from the use of mobile technologies is Enrich. By offering a loyalty programme, an appointment booking service, and an open & responsive customer service philosophy, they have been able to improve the number of repeat clients they receive and establish a reputation for unwavering excellence.