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How to Make Nail Polish Dry Quickly

by Mark Bruce - 13 Jun 2022, Monday 251 Views Like (0)
How to Make Nail Polish Dry Quickly

Imagine this: you've finally made time in your busy schedule to paint your nails in peace, only to discover that you've committed not just to the polish, not to mention the fact that you won't be able to use your hands properly for the following 30 minutes!

It can feel pleasant to take care of your nails with clear or coloured nail paint.

We've all done it: painted our nails, buffed them, and waited for them to dry. You reach for your phone and realize that you entered the room too soon. You're now stuck with a mangled nail that you'll have to re-paint, re-dry, and re-waste your time on. Did you ever thought that what takes so long for nail polish to dry?

There are a few tricks you may use to speed up the 10 to 12-minute process of polish totally setting and drying on the nail.

Continue reading for some safe tips for how to quick-dry nail polish faster and save time waiting for your nails to dry.

Quick-Dry Top Coat

When painting your nails, make sure to use a top coat. If you don't, you're doing yourself a huge disservice Fall.

Use a transparent coat of nail paint that has been specially developed to dry nails quickly to reduce drying time.

Finish your manicure with this specifically developed quick-drying top coat, which will not only smooth out the completed product but also seal in the base layers to prevent smudging.

Many of the quick-drying top coats are on par with standard polishes in terms of price. The best nail paint top coats claim to give your nails a layer of lustre, prevent chipping, and dry in a minute or less.

Swap In A Quick-Dry Polish

Do you have a habit of ruining your nails before you've even applied the top coat?

Then you should think about switching out your existing polish for one that dries quickly.

These are available in a range of colours from many brands. As a result, you should be able to locate a nearly ideal replacement for your present favourite.

Cold Water Quick-Dry

This procedure necessitates some preparation. Follow the instructions below:

Step 1: Fill a small basin halfway with cold tap water and set it aside. Add a couple of ice cubes to the basin and place them near where you'll be painting your nails.

Step 2: Get your paintbrush out and start painting your nails. Allow two minutes for the polish to "set" after painting your nails to ensure complete adhesion.

Step 3: Soak your fingers or toes for two to three minutes in cold water. You'll notice droplets of water on top of the polish when you take your hands or feet out of the water. This is a solid sign that your polish has dried entirely, firmed up, and is ready to use.

Step 4: Take advantage of the 20 minutes you just saved.

Give Your Nails A Blow Dry

Before you start painting your nails, turn on a hair dryer with a "cold air" setting. After you've finished applying the polish, blow-dry your nails with a continuous stream of cool air using your hair drier.

This procedure involves painting the nails on one hand, drying them, and then repeating the process on the other hand.

This drying solution necessitates the use of a chilly setting.

You don't want your skin to be burned by a hot hairdryer!

Oil Your Nails

Baby oil or olive oil may aid in the drying of your nails. To hold the oil, use a decanter or a medical dropper. This allows you to simply manage the amount of oil you apply to each nail. You don't need much at all!

When you're ready to finish drying your nails, apply a drop or two to each nail and wait a minute or two.

The oil rests on top of your nail bed and soaks into the paint, which is how it works.

As a result, the nail polish dries more quickly. Paint that is thinner dries faster, and this process essentially thins paint that is already on your nail. Wipe the oil off your nail with a dry paper towel once you see droplets of oil at the top.

Thin Coats Of Polish

Have you ever noticed how nail experts usually use thin, even coats of the product? There are two reasons for this:

Because of the thin layers, the polish dries more faster.

It also prolongs the life of your manicure by keeping the polish as near to the nail as possible, which prevents lifting.

This method could help you save a lot of time when it comes to drying. Your nails will have more time to dry between applications if you apply numerous thin layers of polish rather than one or two thick coats. As a result, the finish is more consistent, and the drying time is reduced overall.

Drying Drops

If you believe that time is money, the greatest option is to invest in quick-drying drops or nail drying spray. These nail-drying drops are available online or at any beauty supply store.

Drying drops, unlike quick-drying top coats, do not add another layer to your manicure.

Furthermore, these drops are made from oil. As a result, they moisturize your cuticles while drying your nails. Although it may appear to be just another cost, these products can actually reduce the time it takes for your nails to dry by half.

Take Care Of Your Manicure

It takes a lot of patience to air-dry your nails, but with a little planning and imagination, you can get them to dry faster. If you want your nails to dry quickly, don't smudge the polish by moving your fingers about.

A manicure isn't truly "set" until 12 hours or more, according to some nail professionals, even after the polish looks to be dried.

Take extra care of your nails the next day after applying a new coat of lacquer.

Refresh your manicure every two or three days with a light coating of quick-dry top coat to keep it from chipping.

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