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Look What You Love to Be With Beyond Polish Coupon Code

by ellie ava - 06 Sep 2022, Tuesday 275 Views Like (0)
Look What You Love to Be With Beyond Polish Coupon Code

We are constantly searching for beauty  Promo standards that could make us even more eye-catching to our peers. The more you look and search for it, the more youíll find that the past trends and practices involving beauty practices have nothing in common with the present ones But the ultimate goal has been to look good and pleasing to the eyes since the start. Nowadays, getting beauty products is much easy due to globalization and discount strategy, previously it wasnít easy before. But in todayís time,  you can buy items through coupons like Beyond Polish Coupon Code which not only gets you the preferred things but also saves a lot of money.


But what is beauty after all, why is it so desired, and does our success relies on beauty or not?  There have been several interpretations regarding the meaning. The most general meaning of beauty is the combination of qualities like shape, and color that pleases the aesthetic senses, especially sight. Beauty is what eyes catch and feel the sense of pleasure around it. There is a popular saying that beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well, that saying is right in its intent because beauty doesnít rely on appreciation or praise, but beauty will remain beautiful no matter how much people seem to ignore it. Take for example a black rose, many people donít like it but it is indeed beautiful and the sight of it amongst the flowers will leave you ignoring the rest.   

History tells us those beauty standards kept changing as the dynasties grow and ended and every region had its list of priorities. Let us have some discussions;

1.      Egyptian Era:

Ideal women in this era were described as being slender, having narrow shoulders, a high waist, and a symmetrical face. Ancient Egypt allowed women to practice their beauty by promoting a sex-positive environment freely.

2.      Ancient Greece:

Ancient Greece worshiped men and they idealized women to be disfigured versions of men being plumped, full-bodied, and light-skinned. In this era, men were meant to be more beautiful than women.

3.      Han Dynasty:

Small feet are one characteristic of Chinese beauty that is admired even today. This Han Era prioritized slim waist, pale skin, large eyes, and small feet amongst women, and the popularity of lipstick and nail polishes that you generally buy using Beyond Polish Coupons started in Han Dynasty.

4.      Italian Renaissance:

In Italy, it was the duty of women to reflect their husbandís status both in terms of behavior and outward appearance. Ample Bosom, Rounded Stomach, Full Hips, and Fair Skin all accounted for superior indications of beauty and wealth in society.

5.      Victorian England:

Victorian Era gave corset, an undergarment that was used by women especially noble ones to clinch their waist to give the perception of an hourglass figure which was highly desirable. Plumped, full-figured, and clinched waist women were highly preferred. 

6. the 1920s:

The 1920s was a weird time in the beauty segment as women wear clothes to look flat-chested; they downplayed their waist, cut their hair to a short length, and looked boyish which was the polar opposite of the past era.

7.      Golden Age of Hollywood:

Curves, Hourglass figures, large breasts, and slim waist were the highlights of the Bollywood era, as the trends of the 1920s didnít last long. Famous personalities like Marilyn Monroe, Audrey Hepburn, and Grace Kelly are prime examples of this era. Also, nail polish and red lipstick were among the choices for beauty. If you like nail polishes check out coupons for beyond polish. 

8. the Sixties:

In the 1960s being thin was in the roar. Women looked to be willowy, thin, and long and slim having adolescent physiques. The London culture is an ideal example of that.

9.      Supermodel Era:

Modeling saw a boom in the industry in the 1980s but it had history. In that era athletic, curvy, tall body with toned arms was highlighted.

10.   The infamous 90s:

The 90s were a weird time in fashion and beauty as women liked being waifish, and extremely thin. Kate Moss is a famous model of that era.

11.  The modern age:

The current beauty trend for women is a flat stomach, healthy skinny (not too much), large breasts, and a butt with a thigh gap. Kim Kardashian is the unfortunate poster girl of this era, which women of today idealize too much. Current technologies have allowed women to be exactly like they wanted to be with some serious drawbacks.

 These are some past and present beauty trends, particularly among women. You can see that every time, the beauty standards have changed in a big way. There are some places where fat and big-bellied woman is liked more and in some places, thin and fragile women are highly sought after. This tells us that no matter how much you spend on your body to remain relevant, it takes much less time for the trend to be a thing of the past as the new one takes the reign.

But as we can imagine, beauty standards are not entirely consisted of figures makeup and accessories also play their part. Nail polish is an example. In these times women just love to apply nail polish to their nails to make them shimmer with shine and compliment their overall style. You can thank Beyond Polish USA for that as they have an awesome collection of nail polishes which you can buy using Beyond Polish promo codes. Check out the Beyond Polish mystery box review before buying one using a coupon for Beyond Polish as they are final sales and you may not get what you want. Bear in mind that there is no international shipping like Canada Beyond Polish as of right now.


Beauty is something to be admired and worth looking at. The standards of beauty are changing daily as we have seen that Italy loved the Fat Woman, the Chinese adored small feet and big eyes, the Victorian Era had women opting for an hourglass figure, and modern women want to be like celebrities. This is a sign that nothing lasts forever and it is applied to beauty as well. So thereís a good chance to go for things that are eternal like beauty products that last longer than trends like nail polishes which have been around for centuries and are still being used to this day. Go for Beyond Polish and have your favorite one with Beyond Polish free shipping coupon.


1.      Is beyond polish a legit website?

Beyond Polish is a name famous for selling women's beauty products like gel, nail polishes, and other accessories and is a valid online seller.

2.      Is beyond polish authentic?

Of Course! Beyond Polish sells nail polishes and other beauty products from reliable brands like Butter London, Mr. Pumice, and Essie.


3.      Is Beyond Polish legit Reddit?

Beyond Polish is admired across the USA for being cheap but never compromising on quality. You can read 5-star reviews on their website as well as on Reddit where people give honest reviews.

4.      How to apply points at checkout on beyond polish?

Redeem points are only available for members having accounts only. Member do log in, and ready to checkout, simply go to the checkout page drop down the menu underneath the cart and then apply.