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Sizes of Pools You Can Put On Your Spa Business

by Walter Moore - 16 Jul 2022, Saturday 1312 Views Like (0)
Sizes of Pools You Can Put On Your Spa Business

A spa is a perfect place for clients to combine rest and physical activity. Allowing clients to spend time with loved ones while keeping up with their health and fitness goals is a great business idea. It is crucial to purchase a pool spa that is suitable for your business's requirements. But how can you know what pool sizes are right for you? Here is a list of swim spa sizes that can be used as a guide when making your final spa decision for your business.

Pool Sizes for Your Spa Business

Here are the different pool sizes for your business:

Small Swim Spas: If you run a business with limited space but still want to offer your customers the advantages of a swim spa, a model like this may be just what you need. This little swim spa won't give clients the room needed to swim effectively. They offer hydrotherapy benefits similar to those of high-end hot tubs with features like fifty jets of water pressure.

Size: 10 11 feet

Medium Swim Spas: clients who want to spend time together while still getting in some exercise will appreciate the medium-sized swim spa. Customers will like the hydrotherapy jets, and you can even increase their workout options by installing rowing machines and underwater treadmills inside your swim spa. Medium-sized spas offer more room to move about and may be outfitted with additional features like surround sound and mood lighting to create an unforgettable experience for your customers.

Size: 12 16 feet

Large Swim Spas: Large swim spas are ideal for spas that encourage physical activity by providing an environment that is both relaxing and stimulating. Additionally, water-driven options like paddlewheels and propellers are available.

Size: 17 18 feet

Extra-Large Swim Spas: The 25-foot swim spa is the longest model available and provides users with plenty of room to exercise and unwind. The swimming portion of these swim spas is partitioned off from the therapeutic pool or hot tub. These swim spas have a hot tub with up to Sixty therapeutic jets, enough room for four to six people, a waterfall, and music. This is great for business as well as your clients.

Size: 19 25 feet

How do you Select the Right Pools for your Spa Business?

If you are looking to select the right pool size for your spa business, here are some of the things you need to consider:

  • The type of spa business you want to run
  • How much space do you have available for your spa business?
  • The variation of clients you are planning to have come into your business space.

Bottom Line

The spa business is one of the most profitable and enjoyable businesses you can possibly think of opening with many benefits not just for the help of your clients but for you as a business. If you have been contemplating spa size, you have everything you need to start the business and get the best results for your business. ???????