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Tips to Care For Your False Eye Lashes Before Using Them

by funatkids party - 07 Jun 2022, Tuesday 245 Views Like (0)
Tips to Care For Your False Eye Lashes Before Using Them

If you look in the mirror and feel that your natural eyelashes just won't do, then you may try purchasing a pair of false eyelashes. You should do a little effort to properly apply your false lashes; you should furthermore, be caring while storing your false eyelashes.

Go For Quality Pair

Before you jump straight in and buy the first pair of synthetic false lashes you see, you should research their quality and value for money. It is critical that if you want to fully benefit from your false eyelashes, you should invest in a quality pair. This doesn't actually imply that you need to empty your wallet. However, you should stay clear of the 10 pairs of lashes box deal. Stick to tested and proven brands. If you're still unsure about which eyelashes to buy, visiting your department store is always the best bet.

Use Mascara Rightly

It is a common belief that wearing mascara combined with eyelashes is the way to go. In certain cases, the belief is that using mascara with the false lashes will allow you to blend them in, with your natural eyelashes. Anyways, if you want to re-wear your eyelashes, it is always best to avoid the use of mascara.

Lashes Care Tips

  • Donít try to use oil-based makeup remover, when removing your makeup. All love the ease with which oil-based makeup removers work magic on removing makeup. Anyhow, these strong makeup removers are found to damage your eyelashes, by coating them in oil.
  • Clean your synthetic false lashes before keeping them again in their packaging. Place them onto a clean surface for instance your bathroom counter and sprinkle some drops of water. A little time of water soaking can help get rid of the glue and dirt from your worn lashes. This will in the end help extend their life.
  • Always keep away your eyelashes in a safe place. It is suggested that you retain the original packaging to protect your false lashes from dust, flies, and various other bacteria. By leaving your lashes on your vanity or bathroom counter, they may become damaged and so un-wearable. Even though you think, that - What you don't see can't hurt you. Don't try it with something as sensitive as your eyes. High-quality eyelashes will arrive in a curve-shaped box for easy storage, which you can reuse recurringly.

Bottom Line

Buying quality synthetic false lashes for eyes is only part of the package deal. You must be aware of how to correctly care for your false eyelashes