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Why Is It Important to Remove Makeup at Night?

by Mark Bruce - 14 Jun 2022, Tuesday 372 Views Like (0)
Why Is It Important to Remove Makeup at Night?

You've probably experienced those evenings when you're just too tired to even think about cleaning your face. You collapse in bed, only to find a colour reproduction of last night's appearance etched on your pillowcase when you wake up the next morning.

What you might not realize is that sleeping in your makeup has an effect on more than just your pillowcase; it can also have an effect on your skin.

Here are the top reasons why you need to remove your makeup at night:

1. Makes your complexion look dull in the morning

The same makeup that hid fine lines and wrinkles the night before can settle in overnight, leaving your skin bland and lifeless the next morning. It can make your look appear older!

2. Increases the risk of breakouts

The natural oil on your skin functions as a moisture barrier, acting like a protective layer. If you mix in some makeup and leave it on overnight, the two can combine to form a pore-clogging combination that can cause breakouts.

3. Counteract your nighttime anti-aging products

If you have an anti-aging nighttime ritual, you may be hurting your own efforts if you put product over makeup instead of cleaning first. Because high-quality anti-aging creams aren't inexpensive, make sure you get your money's worth by washing them before using them at night.

4. Can clog your pores, making them larger and more visible

Overnight, makeup can lodge itself in the pores, plugging and expanding them, making them appear larger. The key to having healthy, happy skin in the morning is complete makeup removal and thorough evening cleansing.

5. Can dehydrate your skin and throw off your oil balance

Your skin is the largest organ in your body, and it needs oxygen to function properly. Keeping it covered in makeup overnight can disrupt the delicate balance of oil and water that keeps your skin looking and feeling fresh and moisturized, leaving it appearing and feeling dry in the morning.

Taking off your makeup is one thing, but washing your skin is quite another. You can occasionally kill two birds with one stone, depending on the sort of makeup remover cleanser you choose. However, don't expect a cleanser to entirely remove your makeup.

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