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5 Ways Your Business Benefits From Gps Fleet Tracking

by Maggie Bloom - 08 Aug 2022, Monday 107 Views Like (0)
5 Ways Your Business Benefits From Gps Fleet Tracking

The invention of GPS has had a significant impact on the transportation industry. Fleet managers may make critical choices with the help of the ability to monitor all operational vehicles quickly, know their precise positions, and be aware of any problems they could be experiencing.

Here are five benefits your company will get from GPS fleet tracking systems.

1. Reducing Fuel Costs

For most managers in fleet companies, high gasoline expenses are a constant concern. It regularly comes in first place among the reasons people choose to invest in GPS tracking systems.

High fuel expenses are frequently brought on by idling. Studies observed that approximately every hour of idle time could result in the loss of up to one gallon of gasoline. While this is not a lot for just one car, those expenses pile up when considering your complete fleet.

Another contributing cause to high gasoline prices is aggressive driving.

High gasoline expenses might also result from fuel waste at the pump. Drivers can fill up their vehicles, select more costly energy options, or fill up at stations with higher rates.

2. GPS Tracking Solution to High Fuel Costs

Vehicle tracking can reduce idle periods in various ways—for example, notifications instructing the driver to kill the engine after a specific idle time.

Numerous GPS monitoring services provide notifications that inform you of risky driving practices. With the help of this technology, you may proactively instruct drivers in fuel-saving tactics.

GPS monitoring devices may also keep track of a driver's fuel consumption through reporting. You may integrate the fleet fuel cards to improve this feature and even set restrictions on where station drivers can fill up and items they can buy at the filling station.

3. Reducing and Eliminating Risk and Liability

Real-time tracking aids in the monitoring of aggressive and risky driving behavior.

As a result, you can reduce the chance of an accident, saving money on upkeep and downtime. An injury-related collision typically costs roughly $70,000 to repair. GPS tracking technology also helps businesses avoid paying millions in lawsuit settlements. Also, it can aid in avoiding the immeasurable reputational expenses associated with bad press.

4. ???????GPS Tracking Solution to Risk and Liability

GPS fleet surveillance software can support new and existing regulations that have severe repercussions upon breaking them. The information you will utilize from the tracker should be included in safety regulations, along with a detailed description of expected conduct.

Instances like the "three strikes and you're out" policy for speeding offenses can be included. Some businesses additionally put rules based on their drivers' scorecard functionality that incorporates additional information like braking forcefully and accelerating quickly.

5. Improves Accountability

It is impractical to accuse or always watch over employees to hold them accountable for a fault. Sales managers, for example, evaluate sales person's phone conversations to enhance their performance. To guarantee that drivers are operating at their highest levels of efficiency and productivity, you ought also to assess and optimize their behavior.

To ensure that drivers reach their destination in time, avoid the scenic way, and not stretch their hours, you require the visibility software provided by fleet management systems.

GPS Tracking Solution to Employee Accountability

Fleet tracking devices may encourage healthy driving habits and increase staff retention. Gamification is a valuable tool for achieving this. It's as easy as holding a monthly or quarterly competition where the winner receives a reward in dollars or Visa gift cards depending on their timely delivery and efficiency.

Using the geofence capability, automobile and asset trackers can assist management in detecting unwanted overtime activities. This feature ensures that workers don't use company-owned automobiles and other resources for their use, side employment, or other activities that might harm the business. Geofences are virtual boundaries you may create around essential locations, like a yard, a construction site, or your company's headquarters. You can receive real-time alerts that let you know when cars or other assets depart these zones.

6. Improves Back-Office Performance

Tracking solutions can easily integrate into back-office and fleet management software, making it possible to eliminate technological silos. Companies risk wasting time and resources looking through loads of papers or shifting between many software platforms.

People constantly interacting with drivers may also face difficulty locating the vehicle's positions. It may take a couple of calls to get location updates to clients.

GPS Tracking Solution to Back-Office Effectiveness

Most vehicle tracking devices have robust APIs (application program interface), allowing you to access other platforms. This feature enables fleet managers to manage and survey their data in one convenient place. Such integrations may include parts management, vehicle maintenance, and timecard management.

It may lead to:

  • Improved visibility into the operation
  • Having a clear picture of the fleet's total ownership cost
  • Increased income and control over other costs

Additionally, you can improve vehicle spacing, salaries, and pricing to ensure the firm maintains its profitability. Moreover, a GPS tracker is a natural solution to communication problems. You may swiftly check the location of all the trucks and other assets using a real-time map. This makes constant calls to drivers unnecessary, allowing you and other employees to concentrate on more important things.

7. Customer Satisfaction

With customers' expectations increasing daily, meeting them is becoming more complex. The challenges vary from service and product providers not completing their job appropriately to long lead times and poor deliveries. However, with today's stiff competition, ensuring your company offers world-class service is essential to stand a chance in the market.

GPS Tracking Solution to Customer Needs

GPS trackers and real-time tracking abilities allow fleet managers to update customers on the exact location of their goods constantly. This can significantly improve customers' satisfaction.

Additionally, the truck routing feature in the fleet management software is crucial in satisfying customer needs. Taking short and most effective routes will give customers a shorter and more accurate period. Drivers can also make more trips a day.

Handling expectations, like constant communication, is critical to customer retention. Using social platforms and word-of-mouth, clients can refer their friends to your firm.

Bottom Line

Solutions for real-time GPS fleet tracking have been developed to satisfy changing business requirements. Firms like LiveView GPS strive to support clients in achieving their objectives and maximizing the effectiveness of their fleets