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8 Most Innovative Marketing Strategies for Wholesale

by David Marton - 07 Feb 2021, Sunday 250 Views Like (0)
8 Most Innovative Marketing Strategies for Wholesale

Wholesale marketing requires you to promote your goods to customers to receive orders.

With technology advancing every day, B2B customers now expect service levels similar to B2C. If your wholesale business lags in sales, customer experience, or technology you will risk losing a lot of customers.

Cultivating loyalty among customers and promoting products to attract new ones is key. But what strategies can you adapt to do that? Let's find out!

  • Cold Calling

One of the most popular and effective methods to increase sales is cold calling. This method requires you to go through a list of potential customers and let them know about your products.

This is more of an art form that requires you to have enough convincing power to close critical deals. To master this art, try to use the following tips to your advantage.

  • Call during working hours, especially in the morning i.e. 10 am and onwards. Most people are in a good mood and more receptive to your proposal.
  • Talk more naturally when on call. People usually feel comfortable talking to a human rather than a “robot” trained on a script.
  • Try to back your points with data and statistics. If you talk without any evidence to back it up, the listener can get bored and eventually hang up the call.
  • Direct Mail Marketing

Direct mail is a powerful asset to have alongside you in 2021. This method required you to send one email, containing general product information, to thousands of recipients. Nowadays that approach isn't as effective anymore.

To successfully market your Wholesale Marketplace through the mail, you'll have to get more personalized. Try to research a potential customer before sending an email.

This way, your words will have more weight and sound more like a business proposal than an advertisement.

  • Sending Over Samples

Who doesn't love receiving free things? This is a common practice adopted by wholesalers around the world.

If you provide product samples with your proposal, it will help you stand out from the rest. Receiving samples not only helps customers understand your products better but also leaves a positive impression.

So, let your products do the talking for you.

  • Attend Virtual Trade Shows

Since trade shows sound like a thing of the past due to the ongoing pandemic, you can still attend them online.

They are a great medium to spread awareness about your company and products.

 Thanks to the virtual aspect, the audience won't be limited to a single city or area.

You'll be able to meet other business owners, gain insights about competitors, and save yourself money to book a booth.

 And who knows, maybe you will interact with people who end up being your long-term customers.

  • Make Use of WhatsApp

Since its creation, WhatsApp has evolved into an amazing marketing tool as well as a messaging app. It lets you create a "business account" where you can add different details about your wholesale setup.

After creating a business account, you can add potential customers and other wholesalers into a group. This will create a small hub of communication between customers and wholesalers.

Here, you can post a product information, important announcements, special offers, etc. This is an effective way to communicate with multiple customers at a time.

However, avoid overdoing it! If you start sending messages left and right, most customers will get annoyed and even leave the group altogether.

  • Create a LinkedIn Profile

LinkedIn is an amazing social media platform for business connections. If you don't have a LinkedIn profile, you should make one right now.

Since LinkedIn is targeted towards business-to-business relationships, it’ll be vital for you. It is also a great place to expand your business network and recruit employees for your establishment.

With over 660 million people using LinkedIn from all corners of the world, it’s a B2B paradise. Plus, it’s the most effective platform out of all to generate B2B leads.

  • Make a Website

In today’s digital age, it’s important to have a fully-functional and intuitive website.

Having a website of your Wholesale Business can allow customers to learn about your business and the products you deal in. When information is available to them 24/7 online, it can enable them to place orders anytime with ease.

On top of the general information available, your website should be attractive and easy to navigate. This helps create a positive impact on potential customers from the get-go.

  • Use SEO to Your Advantage

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can play a huge part in helping you gain an edge over competitors. It helps improve the visibility of your website for relevant searches on search engines like Google.

Better visibility means more orders from customers which directly translates to better sales. And better sales mean more growth opportunities for your business.

 To get the best SEO for your website, hire a specialist for the job. It will not only save your time but will also optimize your site for the best results.


With these tips, we are just scratching the surface. There are many more marketing strategies that can help you unlock your business potential. It’s just a matter of experimenting with different methods and seeing what works for you. There isn’t any hard-and-fast method as wholesale business growth is a constantly evolving process.