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9 Best Architectural Ironmongery in the UK

by Ankush laller - 12 Oct 2022, Wednesday 322 Views Like (0)
9 Best Architectural Ironmongery in the UK

Are you planning to buy products and searching for architectural Ironmongery in the Uk? As you know, the United Kingdom is home to some of the world's finest examples of architectural ironmongery. With a plethora of homes dating back centuries, incredibly modern constructions are available. A distinct approach of using ironmongery products like hinges, door knobs, and hasp and staples is virtually always necessary. Moreover, the results are always equally as magnificent. Let's dive into the details.

Know About the Architectural Ironmongery in the UK

1. Hendrix and Handel

Handel & Hendrix in London is a museum dedicated to two musicians who shared a London street. They altered music while separated only by a wall and also 200 years

This was a high-profile undertaking, with the restoration of Handel's house. But after some time remodeling of the Hendrix flat was made possible only by Heritage Lottery Fund monies.

Unsurprisingly, the architectural hardware specification for this project was critical. Finally, the ironmongery chosen incorporated patterns and materials. This is in the Georgian period in which the homes on Brook Street were built.

2. Cambridge University Arms Hotel

When it comes to the makeover of Cambridge's exquisite University Arms Hotel. The main goal was to transform the hotel's diverse structures into a cohesively planned, iconic hotel with timeless appeal. UAH Cambridge received a comprehensive range of ironmongery. 

This range is for both the front of house guest areas and the back of house staff areas. The products for this project were designed to be robust and durable, able to survive high usage. The addition of a disguised automatic door operation for the hotel's main entrance rounded out a superb project.

3. Loughborough Defence and National Rehabilitation Centre

The transformation of the Stanford Hall Estate into a military rehabilitation centre necessitated creative master planning. The creative reuse of existing buildings, which John Simpson Architects has great experience with.

The ironmongery package offered to DNRC is extremely diverse. This includes specialty fittings for the original Stanford Hall building as well as long-lasting goods for the new officer accommodation departments.

To maintain the building's historical environment, high-quality Polished Brass goods were supplied. However, for new-build areas, Grade 316 Stainless steel was also used. This is to ensure optimal durability and endurance in high-traffic regions.

4. Leicester Square's Victory House Hotel

The spectacular Victory House Hotel was designed by Michaelis Boyd. This hotel is brimming with subtle cinematic elements and an Art Deco style reminiscent of classic west-end theatres. Furthermore, the overall result is more than deserving of its renowned location in Leicester Square.

Everything had to be considered in order to produce a full ironmongery package. This is for a perfect match and a clear and consistent concept throughout.

The majority of the architectural gear supplied was from the famed Gio Ponti collection. The creation of bespoke pull handles for the main entrance doors. However, it delivered the icing on the cake, completing the unified, extremely stylish theme running throughout the home.

The winning architects designed a new entrance and approach from Kensington Gardens. Moreover, a new extension with visitor amenities such as a cafe and shop. A lift was inserted into the Palace's historic core to provide level access. In addition to this, a visitor orientation hub from which narrative routes and exhibition spaces would lead.

The architectural hardware provided was sensitive to the palace's existing ironmongery. It necessitated a specialised methodology to ensure that the hardware properly replicated what was previously there.

5. Notting Hill's Laslett Hotel

The Laslett Hotel is named after Rhaune Laslett. He is a local activist who organised the inaugural celebration that would one day become Notting Hill Carnival. This will provide a modern home away from home.

The difficulty of selecting the ideal ironmongery for the project was tremendous, with 51 guest rooms and suites. Also, the Henderson Bar and Coffee Shop, library, and boutique store are on the ground level.

When you combine the varied styling of the famous studio Waldo Works with the exquisite. This work is a refined selection of ironmongery offered, you get a quintessentially British interior design.

6. Oxford's Lady Margaret Hall

Lady Margaret Hall was the first women's college at the prestigious University of Oxford, having been established in 1878. Architects were hired to create a master plan. Furthermore, this plan is for the expansion of this gorgeous structure in order to give new amenities to students.

The hardware brief was to offer a highly precise specification of ironmongery. This hardware completed the building's historic features. This is also sufficiently durable to withstand the pressures of everyday university operations.

7. Cambridge's Peterhouse

Peterhouse, The University of Cambridge's oldest college, comprises multiple Grade I. Also comprise Grade II listed historic structures going back to 1286. It is distinguished by several three-sided courts with a screen wall enclosing a fourth side.

With a new building facing the court, the challenge was to produce an ironmongery specification. This specification maintains the original elements of the structure. Moreover, while still being able to handle the demands of a busy institution.

8. The Science Museum

Wonderlab, the Science Museum's interactive gallery, offers an immersive experience of scientific discovery. With such a one-of-a-kind project, it was critical that the ironmongery package be something exceptional. 

9. The Mintel Group

When Mintel, the world's largest market intelligence agency, purchased a refurbished satellite location in Playhouse Yard. A complete renovation was necessary to convert the project. Suzanne Brewer's direction resulted in a lively atmosphere. Also, a contemporary style that reflected the company's progressive and creative culture.

The door furniture and other architectural ironmongery were chosen for this project. This project was from the modern Hoxton line, which is known for its durability.

Final Thoughts

To summarise, we hope you find this content useful and able to know about architectural ironmongery. The major goal was to meet outstanding design standards using unique hinges, door handles, and hasp and staples. This is given out by Muf Architecture as well as the severe requirements of Accessibility. If we talk about the Building Control for a Public Space and it was unquestionably met to stunning effect.

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