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All About Tms and Its Basic Factor That a Person Should Know

by cathenna Bennett - 17 Jun 2022, Friday 263 Views Like (0)
All About Tms and Its Basic Factor That a Person Should Know

If you are a person who has never heard about TMS, then this information can be very beneficial for you. In this information, we will talk about TMS therapy and its basic and common factors. The full of TMS is transcranial magnetic stimulation, and it is a kind of brain stimulation therapy. In this TMS therapy, electromagnetic waves are used by the doctors or therapist and passed through the brain (a specific part of the brain is targeted), which improves symptoms of neurological or mental; problems.

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The following steps are carried out during the TMSD therapy

1. The therapist or doctor will give you earplugs to wear that minimize the sound of the magnetic impulses, which can be annoying for the patient. There is no extra need for general anesthesia, and the patient will be awake throughout the treatment.

2. If you are a person who is having the first session of the treatment, then the therapist or doctor will measure the head of the patient and determine the place where the magnetic coil has to be placed. After taking these measurements, he will check the measurement of the machine also. This process can seem easy but have numerous complex aspects that must be checked by the therapist or doctor. A small mistake can make all the efforts fail.

3. The doctor or therapist places the coil above the front area of the patient's brain in the next step, and they will start the treatment. The position of this coil is very crucial because TMS is given to a specific part of the brain which controls the mind and nature of a human being.

4. After starting the therapy, the patient will hear a clicking sound when the magnetic impulses are released. He will feel a knocking or tapping on his forehead, which is the main motive of the TMS therapy.

5. The TMS therapy is done in various phases. These phases are decided by the therapist or doctor based on the severity of the depression or mental disorder, like 4 to 6 weeks or maybe more in rare cases. These TMS phases are done with a fixed time interval, and each treatment takes 30 to 60 minutes. After taking this treatment, the patient can go home independently without the help of a second person.

In most cases, TMS is used to cure depression. It is one of the most common and effective therapies which is used to give therapy to a patient who is suffering from depression and other tension problems. Other therapies which are also famous are antidepressants and psychotherapy. But at present, the best option that is chosen by the patient is only TMS.