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All You Need to Know About Email Data Scraping

by Smart Scrapers - 26 Aug 2022, Friday 160 Views Like (0)
All You Need to Know About Email Data Scraping

Finding contacts for leads manually can be extremely tedious and time-consuming. After all, how many people can you meet face-to-face or call even if you have a database of potential business leads? With email, you can expedite the whole process with several notches. We aren’t talking about manually finding emails of potential customers through their social media pages. Instead, we can use email data scraping services to scrape emails from relevant social media pages or other websites subject to certain conditions.

How does email scraping work?

Getting the email IDs of relevant clients manually can be like finding a needle in a haystack. With the help of email scraping, you can get all (and even more) relevant lead emails from a single scraping exercise.

Although you could do your email scraping with the help of online SaaS tools, their use is limited even if you use a paid version. A better solution would be hiring Data scraping services who’d get you the right emails once you give them your detailed requirement and selected niches.

Advantages of email scraping

Gain a competitive edge-

With email scraping, you can get the emails of relevant leads from across the internet- you aren’t confined to a geographical niche. This will help you to target a larger audience and take your business and brand to great heights.

Saves time-

Email scraping saves you prospecting for the relevant customers. Instead of spending time meeting people or calling them, a scraping exercise can take a few hours and get you a list of potential clients that you could reach out to at once.

Better accuracy-

With email scraping, you can set some preconditions for the emails you need. This will help you get a more accurate email prospect list. You could identify keywords that denote your business and add it to the scraper to make sure they only get email IDs from relevant sources.


A single email scraping exercise can get you more results than almost a year of in-person calling or prospecting. After you get the list of emails, you could get your sales staff to start with their outreach and get in touch with interested parties sooner.

How to use your scraped emails?

Though you could send a bulk email to every email ID, this is not recommended. Not only will your email mostly land in spam, but many people also do not take emails from unknown sources that seriously. Instead, you could use these emails to advertise to them on social media for a better impression.

Use the matched audience feature on LinkedIn-

With the help of matched audiences, you could land adverts directly on the prospect’s LinkedIn feed. This would help them to get familiarized with your brand and they may also interact with the ad, giving the sales process a boost.

Use the tailored audience feature on Twitter-

Similar to LinkedIn, you could advertise to your prospects through Twitter’s tailored audience feature.

Use the Lookalike audience feature on Facebook-

Lastly, you could not only target your prospects with their email IDs but also target similar audiences with Facebook’s Lookalike audience feature. This could help you get further details of your prospect to boost your outreach plans.

Though this could be highly effective, you need to understand that not all email IDs scraped could have a social media account associated with them, especially if they’re official email IDs. Though this would narrow down your list, you would need to personalize and contact your prospects through traditional emails.

Develop links-

A single email wouldn’t do in most cases. You have to regularly email your prospects with interactive content that would entice them to have a conversation with you and take things forward. This would require a lot of hard work, patience, and dedication.

Final Words

Though web scraping services could help you get a better hold on your target prospects, this is only the first step towards getting them to buy your stuff. There is a lot of communication involved in reaching your goals. 

If you’re looking to get emails scraped for your niche, you could contact Smartscrapers. They have a dedicated team of scrapers who know just how to scrape data efficiently for you.