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Benefits of Marble Tiles for Flooring

by Metric Tile Co Pty Ltd - 20 Apr 2022, Wednesday 134 Views Like (0)
Benefits of Marble Tiles for Flooring

For many homes, offices and commercial spaces, marble tiles have been the material of choice for flooring thanks to their luxurious aesthetics and natural elegance. One will find marble everywhere while touring through monuments and old homes of Europe. Even in the 21st century, marble reigns supreme over other kinds of flooring material, and there is much demand for marble tiles in Melbourne.

Though marble is a popular material found in abundance, not many people know all about its features: what it is or the method of using it to create beautiful and unique custom floors. If you are seeking a custom design to highlight the elegance of your home or enhance its beautiful features, you would definitely desire to use this top material.

Composition And Features Of Marble

Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock created over time from sedimentary rocks like limestone transformed by the impact of heat and pressure. When they are transformed, they are compacted, creating gorgeous veins and lines which are the material’s trademark.

Marble is quarried typically in mountainous regions of the world and needs minimal processing for creating slabs and tiles. While there has been rising popularity for engineered and hardwood stones, the appeal and elegance of marble have bolstered its status as the choice of flooring for elegant hotels, homes and even offices. For instance, there is much demand for glass and marble tiles for bathroom flooring.

Benefits Of Marble

For thousands of years in the past, marble has been used for flooring for all kinds of buildings. Its timelessness indicates much about its quality. But there are some well-known and not so well-known facts about marble flooring. Following are some of its benefits:

  • Natural elegance

The marble material has a high-end finish that helps it provide spaces with a luxurious, elegant look. However, it can also render a natural and simple appearance. Since marble is not man-made, each slab or tile features differ slightly in most cases. Such differences, combined with its unique design and installation, help marble provide a top-notch feel and appearance.

Traditionally, marble has been the preserve of the elite and wealthy, and this contributed to its regal reputation. However, this regal reputation does not imply that it works well only in traditional homes. It is possible to select and cut marble for contemporary spaces also.

The translucent quality of marble renders it a great addition to modern spaces since they enhance the quantum of natural light in the room. What does this imply? The slightly translucent quality of marble permits the passage of light. When the marble floor is hit by sunlight, it appears to glow, particularly in the case of light coloured or white marble. As such, glass and marble tiles provide a more open and brighter look to the room.

  • Easily cleaned

So long as they are maintained properly, marble floors tend to resist damage by liquids and any other substances. There is no reason to worry, so long as one wipes up the messes as they occur. When marble becomes dirty or wet, it can be cleaned with ease using a mop or rag. Based on the colour one selects, marble renders it easier to identify pet dander or dirt, making it easy to clean up messes thoroughly before they damage the floor or create more serious problems.

  • Varied choice of colours

With regard to the benefits of marble floors, being a natural stone does not imply limited options. As a matter of fact, marble flooring comes in a wide array of patterns and colours. Some of the homeowners choose marble flooring, which complements the existing décor of the home. Others select the flooring of choice and design the décor around it. Whatever be the strategy and style that one adopts, marble flooring offers many choices.

In case one selects an inlay design of marble for flooring, one can choose the colours so as to infuse one’s personal choice in the décor and design of the room for which one has selected the marble flooring. This is a great way to incorporate design and colour into a room that formerly had a neutral hue or to highlight a particular aspect of one’s business or home.

  • Excellent conduction of heat

Marble floors are noted for their cool impact useful in summer, but this is not always the case. Marble is a good conductor of heat, which makes it the perfect choice for homes that depend on radiant heat to keep warm. It is a heavenly feeling to step into a warm bathroom floor of marble, especially on a wintry, cold morning. You will feel so good as to not feel like leaving the room. When in-floor radiant heating is combined with marble floors, one can stay pleasantly comfortable. This will keep you warm and toasty even on the coldest day in the weather.

In sum, these are the main benefits of marble tiles in Melbourne. The elegance, beauty and variety of marble make it the ideal choice for homes, hotels, and offices. Contact a professional company for the design, installation and maintenance of marble floors.