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Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Services to an Offshore Contact Center?

by Alicia Johnson - 29 Jul 2022, Friday 146 Views Like (0)
Benefits of Outsourcing Customer Services to an Offshore Contact Center?

Outsourcing your customer support responsibilities to a contact center company can provide a great deal of benefits to your business. Firstly, it enables you to get professional help for your customer engagement requirements, ensuring superior interactions. Secondly, it helps you focus your business resources and man-hours on core business operations to ensure better results. Eventually, you will be able to reduce operational expenses while improving outcomes, which will, in turn, improve your businessís bottom line.

However, outsourcing your customer engagement to a third-party contact center company also comes with a unique set of risks. You will experience reduced control over customer interactions while there are also risks of the quality of customer services dropping due to the inconsistency in product knowledge or brand identity. Moreover, if you outsource your customer support to an offshore call center in Indonesia or other countries in Asia, Europe, Africa, etc., you are likely to experience lesser control over your customer support deliveries. So, is it worthwhile for you to outsource your customer services to a third-party BPO company? Is it a risk that you can take for your business? Well, if you can engage a contact center company that is able to deliver customized solutions according to your unique needs, you will certainly obtain benefits for your business that far outweighs any potential risks.

How can offshore call center outsourcing help your business?

Offshore contact center outsourcing is very commonplace in the current business landscape, with many companies in the USA preferring it. Countries like India, the Philippines, Africa, etc., are the most preferred locations for US-based companies for their customer services outsourcing. The inexpensive costs of outsourcing also contribute massively to the preference of these locations for engaging in contact center outsourcing. These countries usually have lower labor expenses compared to the United States and even a number of European nations. In addition, contact center companies in these countries also get multiple financial grants and other subsidies from their state governments. This enables a call center in Indonesia, India, or Africa to deliver top-notch contact center solutions at a fraction of the costs of engaging their counterparts in the US.

At the same time, engaging a professional offshore contact center also enables you to obtain a wide range of customized services. Offshore contact centers often find it challenging to get top clients unless they are industry-leading names in the global marketplace. Also, they do not inspire the same confidence level as their onshore counterparts due to distance, cultural differences, etc. As a result, they are often forced to walk that extra mile to acquire top global clients. In addition to reduced fees, offshore contact centers customize their offerings, ensuring that clients get the exact solutions they need. This enables US-based businesses to get the best value for their money, maximizing contact center solutions for getting improved results.

On the other hand, as a US-based business owner, you can also opt for nearshore contact center outsourcing by engaging a Mexican call center or opting for a BPO company in any country in the South American continent or even Canada. With nearshore contact center outsourcing, businesses can continue to engage a third-party BPO company and get professional customer services. But, this third-party company will be in close proximity compared to an offshore company. A BPO company in Canada, Mexico, Jamaica, or South America is closer to your US-based business than a company in Asian or African countries. However, such nearshore companies are likely to charge higher fees than offshore companies in Asia or Africa. Even so, the cost of nearshore contact center outsourcing is lesser than engaging the services of an onshore BPO company.

Important benefits of outsourcing to a Mexican call center or other offshore contact centers

There are plenty of benefits to contact center outsourcing to an offshore company in an Asian country like India, the Philippines, or Indonesia. The most prominent among them are discussed here.

  • Reduced wage expenses:

One of the most important reasons US-based businesses outsource their customer engagements to contact center companies is to reduce costs. The average salaries of contact center representatives in India, the Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, and other Asian countries are much lesser than what BPO companies in the United States pay their call center agents. Additionally, BPO companies in many Asian and European countries also receive financial subsidies from the governments of their respective countries. Hence, a call center in Indonesia, Thailand, or India has much lesser operational expenses than their counterparts in the US.

Moreover, the economies of these Asian countries are also lower than that of the United States of America. As a result, all associated costs of operating a contact center in the US are higher than offshore BPO companies. With comparatively lower expenses, offshore contact center companies are able to offer top-quality services at extremely low prices. Hence, you can get premium customer engagement services at a fraction of the costs of outsourcing to an onshore company. This will not only help you save massive amounts of very valuable resources but also improve your businessís bottom line.

  • Improved outcomes and better ROIs:

It has already been established that you can save massively by outsourcing your customer engagement to an offshore BPO company. However, since your core staff does not have to handle customer interactions, they can better focus on their primary responsibilities. Due to this kind of concentrated attention and effort, your core operations will yield better results and improve revenue generation. As a result of better outcomes in your business operations, you will experience increased customer retention and recurring sales. In addition, your customer acquisition numbers will also improve due to better products/services and positive customer support deliveries.

The increased inflow of revenue and reduced expenses mean better ROIs on the offshore call center in Indonesia, India, etc. This also improves your businessís bottom line and ensures more profitability. Hence, you will be able to get the best value for your money and deliver superior customer experiences simultaneously by outsourcing your customer engagement to an offshore contact center company. However, finding the right contact center company to provide accurate services to meet your business needs is also very essential. This will ensure that you only pay for the services you require and maximize their contribution to your business.

  • More efficient business operations

While the concentrated attention and effort of your core staff can ensure better business operations for your business, it also allows room for improvements. With an Indonesian or Mexican call center handling your customer engagement responsibilities, your in-house experts can also focus their time on ensuring that your operations run smoothly at all times, delivering desired results. This will ensure the best use of your company resources as well as the valuable time of your company professionals. It will result in more efficient operations for your business and guarantee consistently superior outcomes for better revenue generation.

In addition, your core team members can use their spare time in activities that will help them improve their skills. Since they do not have the additional burden of customer support, they will be able to focus better on new and improved training programs to help them with new skill development. Eventually, these skills will enable them to perform better and improve every core activity of your business and its outcomes.

Engaging a nearshore Mexican call center or outsourcing to an offshore contact center company can ease things for our business and the expert professionals who form a part of your core staff. You simply need to find the right offshore contact center company and get the accurate services for your business requirements.