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Can You Obtain Edn Easily Using Cloud?

by Impex Docs - 28 Apr 2022, Thursday 132 Views Like (0)
Can You Obtain Edn Easily Using Cloud?

Every exporter knows what is (EDN) export declaration number and how important is it for exporting goods. At the same time, every exporter also knows the time and efforts that may go in obtaining it. Before the advent of the electronic software tools, submitting an export declaration to the Customs required a lot of paperwork. Slow processing, human errors and many such factors would lead to delays.

The desktop solutions designed for export documentation indeed introduced a faster way to do it. However, the revolutionary cloud technology unveiled the drawbacks and issues that even these solutions suffered from. Contrary to these tools, cloud-based solutions offer fast turnarounds, along with many other benefits. Letís find out how.

Eliminate the Need to Install

The cloud draws a significant line between buying and subscribing to a software tool. What does that mean?

  • First, you donít need to buy any software that may demand huge desktop space and resources
  • Second, there is no requirement to install software on a particular machine at your office
  • Third, you donít have to rely on the limited storage capacities that may demand upgrading regularly

In short, you can completely end your dependability on a desktop solution to be able to file an export declaration. When you switch to cloud, your requirements for faster processing and various resources are taken care of.

So, What Do You Need?

The most important requirement to use the cloud for obtaining an EDN is the internet. Hereís how it happens:

  • To start with, you subscribe to a cloud software or application designed to communicate with the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) of the Australian Border Force.
  • Next, the software vendor would provide you with secure login credentials to be able to access the software.
  • After this, you simply need to log into the software from your machine and prepare the export declaration for submission online.
  • In addition to this, you can also access the software from a variety of devices that include laptops, tablets and mobile phones.

Understanding the Advantages

In general, desktop systems have some specific problems that may hinder the process of obtaining an EDN with ease. Letís highlight how a cloud solution can address each one of them.

  • Inflexibility: With a desktop solution, you or your employees must be present in front of a specific machine during specific working hour. In contrast to this, the cloud grants the freedom to do it from any place and during any hour of the day. All you would need is a software subscription, an internet connection and any device.

  • Single-user Access: The desktop solutions limit access to only one user at a time. However, if you have multiple people who need to provide inputs on preparing an export declaration from different locations, it could be an unproductive approach. On the other hand, the cloud allows multi-user access that can improve the overall efficiency and success rate.

  • Costs: The desktop software tools come with huge costs of buying, upgrading and maintenance. Moreover, the technical glitches may require you to spend extra for availing expert services. Conversely, you donít need to worry about these things at all when you have access to a cloud solution. The vendorís team would not only take care of upgrading and maintaining the software, but also of handling and resolving the technical issues instantly.
  • One Solution for All: While buying desktop software, you may have to buy the entire package, even if you donít need all of its features. Clearly, this may not be the case with the cloud. Because of their customisability, the cloud solution suites are suitable for all needs. For example, you may choose to subscribe to just one application for obtaining an EDN or more applications from a suite for other important trade documents.

Export Documentation

Besides, the cloud allows exporters to enjoy better status tracking and quickly respond to any queries from the Customs. Due to all these features, you can expect your export documentation to become more organised with centralised control and negligible chances of non-compliance, delays and penalties. It wonít be an overstatement to admit that the cloud can change the way you manage the entire trade supply chain for your export business.