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Choosing Between Under Construction and Ready to Move Flats in Pune

by eliana mariyo - 30 Jun 2022, Thursday 311 Views Like (0)
Choosing Between Under Construction and Ready to Move Flats in Pune

Living in flats and apartments is the new way of living in India. Many people are now preferring to live in flats and apartments in major cities such as Mumbai, Delhi and Pune. Pune especially is the city that has large skyscrapers such as office buildings, large flat systems and apartments.

People who are interested in investing in properties can find many exciting ready to move flats in Pune. There is a huge advantage in investing in ready to move flats when compared to new projects that are still under construction.

Although the choice basically is up to the customers, it is usually safer and better to invest in Ready to move in flats than in under-construction properties. Read on to find out more.

Under Construction v/s Ready to Move Flats

When it comes to investing in new flats or apartments - users are faced with two options, either to invest in an under-construction project or to purchase a ready to move flat. There are advantages to both of these systems. The pros and cons of both are discussed below:

  1. Under Construction Projects

Many builders and promoters start promoting their projects as soon as their construction starts. This gives them enough funds to carry on the project and helps speed up the process for the builders. It also helps in giving plenty of time to advertise and market the projects and therefore create a hype in the market.

When it comes to buyers, under-construction projects are great for those who like to be involved in the process of building the flats and make changes as and when needed. It also gives the customer enough time to create funds for the buyer to purchase the home.

The cons of this method is the fact that under-construction projects can go up in prices while nearing completion. The process can also take longer than expected and only those who are open to such uncertainties should be willing to invest in such under-construction projects.

  1. Read to Move Flats

The most common way of investing in flats is the ready to move flat that is completely finished and can be bought off from the developer so that homeowners can immediately shift into it and start using the property.

The pros of such a system are that the flat is immediately ready for use if it is not being used, the owner can give it for rent and use the money towards housing loan EMIs. Ready to move flats get better offers and prices since the developers and promoters are trying to sell them while they are in demand.

One sees exactly what one gets when it comes to ready-to-move flats which might be a safe bet for those investing in flats for the first time. The cons of such properties is the fact that most people may have to go for loans as the payment is lump sum.

Another fact is that since the development process does not involve the client, no changes can be made when purchasing such flats. These are the only cons of investing in ready to move flats in Pune.

Based on the interests of the buyer, they may choose one over the other.