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Commercial or Domestic Only Expert Floor Cleaning Company Ensures Proper Maintenance

by Dublin Floor Cleaning - 04 Aug 2022, Thursday 260 Views Like (0)
Commercial or Domestic Only Expert Floor Cleaning Company Ensures Proper Maintenance

The two critical elements concerning the floors of any commercial premises that has high traffic are durability and appearance. That is mainly why we see extensive use of VCT or vinyl composition tiles, and linoleum floors in places such as schools, hospitals and commercial buildings. These places are at the mercy of heavy continuous traffic.

However, notwithstanding their ruggedness and ability to maintain their good looks for a long time, linoleum and VCT floors, like other floorings require adequate maintenance; allowing them to serve functionally for a long time to come without affecting their appearance.

Vinyl Floor Cleaning Is Not A DIY Job

Even though the process of refurbishing vinyl floors is rather easy, it innately needs special chemicals and tools. For this reason, it is recommended to entrust this job to agencies offering commercial floor cleaning services, in place of trying to do it on your own. The initial step of the cleaning is to use special chemicals for stripping the floor, then doing the scrubbing of floors. This helps discard the older wax fully, along with the floor sealer.

When the entire wax has been efficiently removed, several fresh coats of wax are applied evenly throughout the floor. At the last, the wax is buffed to leave behind a shiny floor.

Travertine Floor Cleaning Tips

Travertine tile needs adequate care and cleaning to ensure the tiles do not lose their beauty and value for years to come. Some simple maintenance procedures are enough to keep travertine looking better for longer.

General Traverine cleaning include removing any loose dirt, dust or debris from the surface with a dry, chemical-free dust mop, kitchen sponge or soft towel. Use of a vacuum cleaner should be avoided, in specific the models with a plastic beater bar, as this tends to damage the flooring and leave small pitting and scratches.

To do a more thorough cleaning, using a mixture of warm water and a pH neutral, natural-stone cleaner is recommended. Mix the cleaner into water following the package directions before working it into the travertine using a basic mop. Once done, completely rinse the flooring with a wet mop. Rinsing the travertine ensure the entire stone cleaner is removed, so preventing unwanted streaks and residue.

Marble Floor Cleaning Tips

Marble floors are great as a flooring in your home. They can for sure make any room look beautiful and appealing. Marble has become one of the preferred natural stone flooring options of homeowners all over the country. But keeping your marble floors adequately maintained, so that they always look amazing, require a bit of work.

One effective way to ensure that your marble floor is kept in great condition is by hiring a professional floor cleaner from time to time. Hiring professional marble floor cleaning company may be more expensive than cleaning your floors on your own, but you will always get what you paid for. Letting a professional give your marble floor a thorough cleaning every couple of years will, give it a rejuvenating facelift.

A professional cleaner uses the best equipment and products, as well as expertise, that will refresh your marble and make it look as beautiful as the first day again. Add a professional cleaning to your regular maintenance and certainly your marble floors will look their best all of the time.

The Conclusion

Notwithstanding it is commercial or domestic floor cleaning, a professional floor cleaning company should not only be able to clean your floors; but they will also be able to help you to take better care of your floors. Different flooring requires different treatments, which only the experts can do properly.