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Common Myths About Carpet Cleaning

by Logan Smith - 28 Jul 2022, Thursday 348 Views Like (0)
Common Myths About Carpet Cleaning

Typically, carpets need to be cleaned frequently since they are exposed to dust and stains. Carpets are highly used in residences and workplaces because of their insulating qualities, which create a comfortable and pleasant environment.

Due to the attraction and comfortability, prefer to use carpets but many are still baffled by the cleaning and maintenance.

Oftentimes, people refuse to get their carpets cleaned because of the myths and tragedies associated with their cleanliness. Although there are distinct causes for every tragedy, myths do not hold a proven history. 

These ongoing myths are not just untrue but shorten the lifespan of your exquisite carpets. As a result of believing these myths, you can damage your carpets.

If you own a soiled carpet and considering getting a new one, stop right here. Since there are many misconceptions regarding carpet cleaning, you must first confirm the accuracy of your knowledge. In this article, we’ll debunk the most popular myths about carpet cleaning.

Myth 1: Frequent Cleaning Will Damage Your Carpet

The misconception that frequent cleaning damages carpet has been around for quite some time. It holds to date primarily because it might be true in cases of detergents that leave off sticky residue. For instance, chemicals may burn and bleach, or steam cleaners that use different detergents may attract dirt which contributes to soiling your carpet.

Therefore, if ruining your carpet is a major concern for you, use the cleaners on a small part of your carpet first to see if the results are favourable. Thanks to modern technology, most cleaning chemicals pose no harm to your carpet's texture. 

Additionally, you may hire a professional carpet cleaning service edmonton to ensure that your carpet is cleaned by specialists in order to prevent damage.

Myth 2: Only When The Carpet Appears Dirty Is When It Needs Cleaning

Usually, people think it is okay to postpone carpet cleaning until it appears to be dirty on the outside. Although it is okay to delay it until you don't get sufficient time but waiting for too long to clean your carpet may create considerable issues in future. 

As when not cleaned properly, carpets get covered with grime and dust, which results in their fibres getting destroyed over time. Eventually, this reduces the lifespan of your carpet.

Thus, it is best to properly schedule your carpet cleaning with no delays to ensure the longevity of your carpet’s life.

Myth 3: All Carpet Cleaning Techniques are Similar

You might get your carpet cleaned using any technique, but that does not mean that all methods are the same. In fact, their results speak for their effectiveness.

Primarily, the cleaning technique employed depends on the material of your carpet. For instance, a natural fibre carpet may bear some wear and tear during cleaning, while a woollen carpet is too delicate to be handled the same way.

Whatever approach you use, it is crucial to keep the carpet's fabric in mind. If you cannot determine it on your own, you can ask a carpet cleaning service to clean your carpet.

Myth 4: Choosing the Cheapest Carpet Cleaning Service is the ideal deal

It is believed that the cheapest service does not guarantee high-quality service. Of course, you have to consider your budget before you select a carpet cleaning service.

But that does not mean you can believe anyone for getting a cleaning service. In fact, the lowest prices service may have certain facts that might damage your carpet. You should discover them after it’s too late to take an action.

Myth 5: Vacuuming Alone Is Enough To Clean Your Carpet

Vacuuming helps get rid of the dirt and is crucial to the carpet's cleanliness on daily basis, though it does not serve as the ultimate solution for your carpet cleaning. 

Vacuum cleaners only focus on the surface grime, dirt, and dust particles. However, it leaves the particles deeper into the carpet layers. This shows, that vacuuming even on a regular basis is not sufficient for a clean carpet.

Myth 6:  A Brand-new Carpet Does Not Need Cleaning

Don't fall for the misconception that a brand-new carpet is clean till it shows signs of dirt. Essentially, cleaning the carpet right after you have bought it and then scheduling regular clean-ups is mandatory. 

Of course, you will not be able to notice the little particles that lay deep into your carpet, which later accumulate to destroy it. Nevertheless, the longer you delay, the great the damage to the carpet.


It is important to know, that the condition of your carpet can tell a lot about your cleanliness.  You should keep your carpet clean and up-to-date to increase the attraction of your interior. Also, use professional stain removal agents since even a single stain on your carpet can ruin its attraction. 

Additionally, do not believe any of the myths mentioned in the article as cleaning a carpet can never damage it. Therefore, you should make a good carpet cleaning routine and get a professional carpet cleaning service every three to four months.