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Cost of Hiring a Customer Client Service†

by Walter Moore - 14 Jul 2022, Thursday 587 Views Like (0)
Cost of Hiring a Customer Client Service†

Cost Of Hiring A Customer Client Service 

Every business owner who wants to be successful knows of the importance of customer service in retaining customers and generating revenue. 

Customers love to be heard and if you run a business where you listen to your customers and help them solve issues they might be facing with your product or service, then you should be able to get loyal customers and significantly increase your customer lifetime value (CLV).

Not all business owners have the time and funds to hire and train customer service representatives for their company, brand, or business. This is why many small and big businesses turn to customer client services.

However, hiring the services of customer centre clients would cost you money. So, how much would it cost to hire a customer centre client service? Thatís exactly what this blog post is all about. Continue reading to learn more about customer client service and the cost of hiring one.

What services do customer centre clients offer?

Before you go ahead to hire any customer centre client, you should know the services they offer or expect, so you donít end up paying someone who is underworking (not working efficiently) for your company or brand.

A centre client service acts as a liaison between your customers and the internal departments of the organizations they serve under. They are responsible for interacting with customers or clients via telephone, email, and other channels, as well as interacting with employees to resolve the concerns or complaints customers might have.

Whatís the cost of hiring a customer client service?

A lot of business owners (or moguls) outsource their customer support not only because it gives them value for their money but also because it's a lot cheaper than having in-house customer care representatives. 

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For example, in 2020, the average salary of a customer service representative in the US was $30,688 with an additional $4,633 in benefits. To run a business effectively, you wonít need a single representative, rather youíll need a team of representatives. Depending on your needs, you might have 4 or more people in your team. Also, youíll have to hire a customer service manager and their average pay is $39,694 with an additional $6,032 in benefits for a year.

In total, youíll be spending close to $200,000 yearly. To help you better understand how that figure was gotten, go through the table below:

Cost of an in-house team of 4 customer service representatives 

Salaries and Benefits 


Customer Service Manager 


Hiring cost


Office space


Software and Hardware 


Total (per year)


Other costs not included in the table above include phone systems, training, commissions, and office supplies which will further raise the yearly cost. This is one of the major reasons why many companies outsource customer service to agencies or companies because it's way cheaper than hiring in-house customer care representatives.

To find out how much itíll cost you to outsource your customer care tasks to a customer client service, go through the table below:


Customer Client Service Pricing (Per Hour)

The United States/Canada

$20 - $30

Western Europe 


Eastern Europe 

$12 - $25


$35 - $55

Africa/Middle East

$15 - $20

Latin America 

$8 - $18


$8 - $14


$6 - $10