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Different Modes of Bajaj Finserv Emi Payment & Customer Portal Benefits

by Madhavi Sharma - 15 Jun 2022, Wednesday 208 Views Like (0)
Different Modes of Bajaj Finserv Emi Payment & Customer Portal Benefits

Bajaj Finserv provides an easy customer-centric solution for various loan-related services through its customer care portal – Experia. In fact, borrowers can now complete their Bajaj Finserv EMI payments effortlessly through various available modes. 

Let’s discover all the payment modes borrowers of Bajaj Finserv can select while paying their loan dues through this Experia portal.

Modes of Bajaj Finserv EMI payment

Here are all the different payment methods individuals can choose to pay their EMIs via the Bajaj Finserv customer portal- Experia:

  • Debit/credit card

Debit or credit cards can be one of the most convenient and fastest modes of paying instalments. For this, individuals need to choose the right gateway according to their card's payment network, which can be RuPay, MasterCard, Visa, etc. After this, they need to authenticate the transaction by providing OTPs received in their mobile numbers.

  • NEFT or Bank Transfer

Individuals can complete their loan repayments through Bank transfer or NEFT. This can help them settle their installments without the hassle of remembering their EMI obligations. For this, they must complete their Bajaj Finserv NACH mandate and maintain an adequate balance in their savings account. This mandate enables borrowers to initiate their auto-debit system. 

  • Mobile Wallets

Individuals can also select a preferred mobile wallet to complete instalment payments quickly through the Experia portal. In fact, Bajaj Finserv also has its own wallet service that makes the instalment payment more convenient for its customers. 

These are the available transaction modes in the Bajaj Finserv customer portal – Experia to pay off EMI dues. Besides knowing the different modes of EMI payments via the customer portal, one must know the steps to make such payments. 

Steps to make EMI payments via the Bajaj Finserv customer portal- Experia

  1. Visit the Bajaj Finserv Customer portal and log in with your credentials
  2. Select the Quick Pay dropdown 
  3. Choose your preferred payment mode from the options given above

Besides, customers can also use the Experia mobile application to facilitate EMI payments.

Benefits of using the Bajaj Finserv Experia portal

Following are some benefits of using this Experia portal:

  • Downloading loan account statement

Individuals can now obtain their loan account statements from the customer care portal – Experia. From this record, they can get non-specific information, such as the interest rate, the due date of instalment, repaid amount, outstanding balance etc. This way, individuals can stay updated about their current status of ongoing relations with the lender. It will help them make future financial plans keeping these things under consideration.

  • Completing advance loan repayment

Bajaj Finserv enables customers to foreclose or pre-pay their outstanding loan balance partly through the customer care portal. Thus, borrowers do not need to reach the lender’s branches physically. By choosing this advance loan repayment, individuals can reduce either their installment amount or their number of EMIs.

  • Updating contact information

Individuals need to inform their borrowers about any changes in their contact information. This way, they can get the necessary information from lenders uninterruptedly. Otherwise, any updates about products or special offers from the lending institution will fail to reach the customers' end. 

It is now much easier for the customers to update their contact information from this Experia portal. For this, they only need to complete their Bajaj Finserv login using their credentials and navigate to their account details.

  • Checking pre-approved offers

Being a leading financial solution provider, Bajaj Finserv lets its customers get credit advances immediately with its pre-approved offers. These are specialized loan offers for customers on different financial products. Individuals can now check their pre-approved offers online by entering their names and contact details. 

  • Purchasing products with zero down payment

Individuals can also purchase their required products, such as appliances and smart devices, through the EMI store section of this Experia portal. They do not need to pay upfront while buying products in this way. Instead, they can pay the price through easy instalments from next month.

In conclusion, this multi-usage Bajaj Finserv customer care portal – Experia, helps borrowers manage and repay their ongoing loans effortlessly. In fact, while undergoing Bajaj Finserv EMI payment, they get to choose their preferred mode of transaction. With this multimodal repayment option, they can choose an alternative payment platform to settle their dues. It helps significantly when one payment mode stays inoperative for the time being.