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Different Types of Coat Hangers

by Jilli Rose - 21 May 2022, Saturday 305 Views Like (0)
Different Types of Coat Hangers

Clothing and fashion accessory hangers come in a wide range of materials, styles, and sizes. Hangers for adults are typically 17 inches broad, while hangers for youngsters are just 12 to 14 inches wide. 14-inch specialty pegs for skirts and pants are offered.

Disposable hangers, sturdy metallic hangers, and traditional wood hangers all may be ideal for use in your retail setting. However, when you go out and buy clothes hangers for your store, educate yourself on the most common sorts of hangers and also what they're in use for.


Black, white, and transparent plastic hangers are the most prevalent commercial plastic hangers. Hangers range in grade from almost fragile to lightweight to ultra-heavyweight and indestructible. Of course, the heavier the plastic, the more expensive it is. Plastic hooks can be used for blouses, skirts, and outfits and are a good all-around hanger.


Hangers made of metal or wire come in a wide range of quality. The cheapest, lightest metal clothing hangers are the ones you'll usually get when your dry cleaning arrives. Thicker metal hangers are a wonderful choice for establishments with a more premium, contemporary style because they won't bend or sag. Some wire garment hangers are covered with colored vinyl to keep the fabric from rusting.


Traditional wood hangers are offered in a rustic finish with chrome gear or in timber with brass pulls, which is more costly. Coat hangers (both with and without wooden bars), coat hooks with steel rods, and trouser hangers with locking bars on a spring to stop pants from slipping are all examples of wood hanger types. If you are looking for coat hangers in bulk, there are many stores you can check out.


Consumers can also buy all-purpose tubular-molded hangers, which can be found in so many homes. They are available in a variety of hues. Using colorful hangers (especially when they match the item) can help boost sales.


Not only can a cushioned hanger with a fabric cover protect fragile garments, but it is also a charming, inviting way to showcase underwear and other feminine clothing. The cushioning also aids in the preservation of the garment's shape and prevents it from slipping.


When it comes to odd items or out-of-the-ordinary scenarios, retailers have a wide range of hanger styles to choose from. Notched hanging, for instance, is ideal for things with straps. Plastic or metal clips on a metal rod hold skirts and slacks in place and keep them from moving. The salesman's hangers are another form of specialty hanger. These sturdy chrome hangers have a space-saving design that's excellent for trade exhibits or salespeople who have a lot of clothes to tote.


Hanging markers, board tubes, and other hanging attachments can help to keep your merchandise organized and attractive to your clients. Rather than buying many types of specialty hangers, you may utilize piggyback connections on almost any form of a garment to display 2 clothing together. Most hangers with slotted tops can be readily attached using soft plastic clips. To stop things from moving, foam hanger strips or covers can be placed on almost any wooden or plastic hanger.