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Effectiveness of bulk SMS

by David Henry - 30 Jul 2022, Saturday 221 Views Like (0)
Effectiveness of bulk SMS

Bulk SMS has been a new way discovered to help one reach all over and in the most affordable way possible. It ensures better results when compared to many ongoing ways of marketing or I should say traditional ways of marketing. 

Basic features of SMS 

Bulk SMS Marketing have grown in a lot ways to benefits businesses -

  1. Cost effective -

Why shouldn't one choose it when it promises to give the highest result at the least cost ? Of course, here is a win-win deal to opt in for. Getting cost effective advertisements is rare and doubtful nowadays. But, bulk SMS marketing has made its place right there without any fall. 

Reasons for it to be, bulk SMS marketing works on pay per use basis that is only pay for delivered messages. Also, incoming is all free here. At the top of it one even gets free credits too.

  1. Higher ROI -

Build Higher revenue with higher customers approaching you. Get better results from the starting and evidence growth in every step. A SMS can generate significantly more income than anticipated because it has the highest opening and click-through rates at the lowest cost. 

SMS can yield extraordinary returns on investment. Make the bulk SMS service a member of your team for greater marketing results. Keep it going to promote your overall marketing objectives and attract traffic to other platforms.

  1. Higher engagement -

Bulk SMS Marketing has been claimed to have the highest interaction all over. Might it be in terms of click through rates, opening rates or two way communication. It has been shown to be on the top. 

Analysing problems is a much easier way out too. Things like who received your SMS, Who clicked through the URLs, requested opt out people and those who are still interested and responded everything is damaged, clear and traceable. 

  1. Integration and automation -

To reach a large audience with pertinent messages automated, integrate a bulk SMS service gateway with your software and mobile application. Write compelling content and allow it to reach the right customers when it is processed. What you use, you pay for. No contracts or commitments every month.

Automate to make it more interactive and easier. Send messages related to order processing and help yourself in an easier way. From adding new products, offers, notifying to reducing abandoned carts everything is easier when you automate them. Best part is you can schedule your messages no need of human resource to send it physically everytime. 


  1. Security - 

The most perilous situation a company may encounter is data leakage. An organization's success can be destroyed in a matter of minutes by a data leak. It's challenging to hold everything inside when you care about rivals who are constantly curious about your next move. However, several Bulk SMS marketing service providers offer end-to-end encryption as tier 1 protection of your data and onshore-located servers. So, send as much as you want without worrying. Allow clients to contact you fearlessly and expand as best as possible with the huge potential that your company has because everything is safe.

  1. Fastest mode -

It goes out in a single click to unlimited users all around the globe and gets you back within seconds about the delivery status. Reaching in seconds, being read in the first three minutes and responsive in seconds again with two way communication. Wonderful, isn't it? 

Relying on something worth it. Yes, bulk SMS has a history of proving itself with everything being experimented on. Also, works the best for internal management like getting any alerts or updates delivered within seconds to your staff.

Cases where such SMS have been used for a while.

Wondering where bulk SMS marketing can be used ? Here is the answer for you. 

  1. Hospitality industry -

Bulk SMS has a huge impact on the hospitality industry. SMS has made it easier to work with. Like your take booking of stay on SMS only, provide offers and promotions and upgradation all with a simple link. 

Alerts and notifications are easier this way too. Also, conduct surveys and have customer feedback using SMS itself. 

  1. Real estate business -

Real estate is a bubble that never deflates; it is not a recent boom. It combines current product development with services that will be offered to clients after a specified number of years. And here is where bulk SMS is introduced. To keep your client base happy and enthusiastic about your project, it's crucial to maintain a constant flow of communication about how the project is progressing and what level it has reached at the lowest possible cost. 

Add URLs, keep your clients updated about everything happening around, maintain databases, send urgent updates, provide policy alerts and keep reminders as well.

  1. Aged care - 

Urgent conversations can be finished in a matter of seconds with SMS marketing. These channels are easy to use, promote more family engagement across Australia, keep everyone informed, improve real-time communication, and offer a trustworthy, economical, and effective source of distribution.

  1. E-commerce - 

Prepare to go up with SMS marketing for e-commerce companies because it offers you the highest opening rates, affordability, an advantage over competitors, security, less abandoned carts, and much more. With the Guni SMS mobile application, you can do everything with a single click from any location at any time because you can schedule it for later.

No more abandoned carts with SMS marketing, directly reach to new products in a click, generate leads easily and enhance customer relationship management.

  1. Tour and travel -

Take your travel and tourism company to new heights. SMS marketing can expedite this process. Let us show you how to approach this creatively. Gain access to reservations and bookings, keep your customers informed, use MMS for simple sales promotions, use SMS for flash sales offers, use two-factor authentication with SMS marketing, and send out emergency notifications.

Improved customer service, real time chat, better Customer experience, sharing your packages, Connect with email and voice, and Keep travel status updated by integrating. 

  1. Education - 

Advertise stuff like scholarships and admissions, Entrance date release, Send forms through SMS to fill up, Easy to communicate within organization, feedback on SMS etc. All these within seconds with bulk SMS marketing.

  1. Government - 

Government agencies can utilise SMS for updates and notifications, appointment reminders, cost-effective internal communication, real-time communication, automated messaging to ease the pressure on contact centres, voice or SMS polls, and alerts concerning important issues.

Get widespread services throughout Australia, generate leads, reliable communication, Better and faster internal communication, Automated bulk and urgent messaging, Promote your program and Save time & cost.