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Everything You Need to Know About Using the Condiments and Improving Their Shelf Life

by Jars of Goodness - 09 Sep 2022, Friday 420 Views Like (0)
Everything You Need to Know About Using the Condiments and Improving Their Shelf Life

Using up the condiments can be an issue with most people. After using them 2-3 times, most people forget about them and leave them in a corner. The bottle and egg bin in most refrigerators contain condiments. While some gourmet mustard and sauces have a long shelf life, others get spoiled soon. A minimal amount of sauce gift set is used every time we cook is the reason they donít get finished soon. 

Here are some ideas on how to preserve the condiments for long and prevent them from spoiling:

  • Prevent cross-contamination

To prevent contamination, it is recommended to use clean utensils for serving, and it is a big no to dig in the jars with fingers. Double dipping is also not recommended. It is excellent to use both mustard and mayo on the burger or sandwich but try to use different spoons or knives for them or wash in between so there is no cross-contamination.

  • Always keep them in the refrigerator.

Not all condiments need refrigeration, but they can benefit significantly if you keep them in the fridge. Dressings which contain vinegar, such as sauces and mustard, donít need refrigeration for preservation. However, they will retain their colour and flavour more if kept in the kitchen. Refrigeration is essential for other perishable items such as mayo, tartar sauce, etc. If these condiments are left outside for 8-10 hours, they should be discarded.

  • Try not to overbuy the condiments.

It is highly likely for people to overbuy condiments as they seem fancy, and people like t stack everything in their pantry. However, it would be best if you bought the sauces based on your needs. There is no need to go for extra, and you donít need those restaurant supply-sized bottles for your kitchen. No matter if there is a sale, only buy the quantity which can be used within a few months of opening the bottle. Though condiments are not perishable, they can develop off flavours and pale as they age. 

  • Best dates

It would help if you always looked for the best before dates on the sauces when buying condiments. However, these dates are not an indication of safety but of the best quality. The date printed by the manufacturer means that the product will lose flavour and colour by that date, and it doesnít mean you will fall sick if you eat the condiments a few days after that date. 

  • How long do condiments last

If the condiment bottles are left unopened, they can last for years in the refrigerator. However, once they are opened, the clock starts ticking rather slowly. They will be good to go for a year, at the least. It is also up to you to use your judgment. If you witness any mould, defect, odour, or fading colour, itís time to discard the condiment. 

How to use the condiments?

  • Mustard 

A mustard glaze on any roast can taste amazing. Be it roasted chicken, potatoes, pork, or beef, the mustard will not only offer a glaze but also add great flavour to the dish. The mustard will also infuse some moisture into your roasted meat. You can make a great concoction by adding mustard, salt, pepper, and dried herbs. 

Spread it over your roast before baking them. You can also add some butter for the added glaze on the roast.

  • Jam filling

If you have leftover jams in your pantry, they can be used as filling in baked goods such as sandwich cookies, layered cakes, etc. They can also be added to chocolate preparation to create unique flavours.

  • Mayonnaise

You can use the flavoured mayo as dips for fries, veggies, fritters, turkey, chicken, or tuna salad if you want to finish that jar, as sandwiches alone wonít be able to do that. Adding herbs and cilantro with mayo can be a great idea. 

  • Salsa

The salsa sauce can be used for making a delicious pink sauce. Add lemon to the sauce and try it as a sandwich spread or as a dip for fritters, fries, chips, and nachos. You can also use it along with your burgers and patties. 

These are fantastic ways to preserve your condiments for a long time and innovatively use the leftover gourmet mustard and sauce gift set. The dressings can remain unused for a long time, but these exciting recipes will help flavour your regular food and make it lip-smacking. Your friends and family will love the unique touch to your food preparation.