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For the Boss Who Does Everything

by Dieter Peters - 28 Jun 2022, Tuesday 196 Views Like (0)
For the Boss Who Does Everything

As Boss's Day approaches, we need to make sure we have the perfect gift to show how grateful we are to our boss. And by literally showing how cool they are in the form of bobble head custom dolls, they say nothing "see how cool you are"! Yes, you can see how good your boss is every day, and your boss may sometimes need physical reminders. Every time they see their little boss's bobbleheads, they remind you that you're doing a great job leading your team.

So what is a boss bobblehead?

Well, that's exactly how it sounds. At Topbobblehead, we want to make sure we're ready for Boss Day by creating a custom bobblehead in the image of our boss. You send us a photo and we create a personalized bobblehead doll in the shape of your boss. You can choose from a wide variety of styles, so you can find the style that best suits your boss's personality. Don't know where to start? Check out the list below to see which styles are most popular with bosses.

Superman for super boss

If your boss is familiar with his work, this is a bobblehead for him! This figure shows a boss in normal work clothes, just like the Superman TV shows and movies, where Superman's (or Superwoman!) secret costume is revealed by tearing off the shirt.

Make a lot of money

If you have a kind of relationship with your boss, joking around, going out on the town or serving your customers a drink, a proper, charged and proper bobblehead doll is the best option. Showing a boss with a fist full of money isn't cool in some situations, but for those in a fun relationship, it's a great opportunity to give a prank bobblehead doll of thanks. If your boss is flashy and you like to brag about how well he's doing, give this bobblehead doll a humorous side and a clever representation of how successful he is.

Practical and fun

It can be hard to choose between a gift your boss actually uses or a gift just for fun. Therefore, by creating a fun and practical boss doll, it became easy to use. In this figure, the bobblehead doll is actually a pencil holder. Your boss has a safe place to keep your pen so you don't lose it. There is also a funny bobblehead doll that reminds you of gratitude.

For the boss who does everything

When you have a boss who is really doing everything and you are always working on something, why not show him that you know how far he is going and thank him for everything he is doing? Our "busy boss" bobblehead shows that your boss juggles all the work items and still manages them so they look together. This custom bobblehead is a sign of gratitude for the boss that really bobs up and down.

Finger gun boss

There is something very ridiculous but very rewarding when your boss's finger shoots you. They only do it when you do something right, say something clever, or make a particularly clever joke. Yes, the boss pointing the finger at you is a little geek, but the geek is in now. If your boss likes to point fingers at you to show you're doing a good job, this is a custom bobblehead for him.

Extra professional

Some bosses are always professional, have a supportive image and reputation, and never show any difficulty. For bosses who are always professional, sophisticated bobbleheads like for gifts for a nurse show how much you respect them and admire their dedication.