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Have You Ever Experienced a Truly Breathable Mattress?

by Patricia Stryker - 07 Oct 2022, Friday 338 Views Like (0)
Have You Ever Experienced a Truly Breathable Mattress?


My family is easy to sweat and fear of the boredom of the body, winter human-shaped baby warmers, summer is like next to the burning charcoal, next to the people still so, he himself is suffering, he sleeps after the sheets are always wet moist piece, every night keep turning over for a place, it is difficult to enter the deep sleep, the back is also easy to prickly heat.

And the sheets to wash frequently, or mite bacteria breeding, there are many health hazards; talk to my girlfriend about this, I did not expect that in the south she also has the same trouble, she complained that Florida all year round like summer, the air is humid and hot, they choose mattresses are too breathable dehumidification moisture for just the first choice.

The mattress of my girlfriend's family is SweetNight bought, used for many years, has not been able to change. I checked the SweetNight mattress, but also with many five-star hotels having cooperation, quality is trusted, for my husband easy to sweat and fear of sweltering physique we finally chose SweetNight new listing of this Dreamy Hybrid Mattress.

This SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress fabric with AIR air conditioning fiber can sense the human body temperature and micro-adjustment, to help bring a constant temperature and a comfortable feeling of sleep.

With X-90 double-sided mesh design, six-sided permeable structure, active release of heat and moisture, SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress 50-year patent, gold ring ventilation system to purify the sleep environment.

Fabric details

The inner plastic film is almost no taste, the overall design of the mattress simple atmosphere, from the honeycomb mesh fabric and air permeability that can be seen good breathability.

Carefully checked the mattress back and edge, fine workmanship, neat alignment, interface without a thread exposed, win in the details.

AIR air conditioning fiber is added to the top layer of the mattress, skin-friendly and soft, while the overall temperature can be dynamically adjusted, feeling hot will release excess heat, and too cold will lock the heat to reduce the loss, thus playing a constant temperature and comfortable sleep effect.

The side of the mattress is designed with bee net edge cloth and micro air holes, which makes the mattress dissipate heat more efficiently through convection on all sides.

The mattress is surrounded by dense air permeability holes, 785 air permeability holes throughout the mattress to further enhance air convection and increase breathability.

The backing of the mattress is made of breathable mesh, which is the ultimate in breathability from top to bottom.

Island | Memory Foam & Inner Springs Hybrid Mattress

Use experience++


This SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress is designed with a dual circulation breathable system from the inside out to achieve the function of mattress ventilation, dehumidification, and moisture control.

AIR air conditioning fiber surface fabric + bee net edge fabric + surrounding dense air permeability holes + bottom breathable mesh, four guarantees to form the external circulation of breathable, to ensure a comfortable and dry sleep.

The inner circulation breathable system is composed of imported high purity latex + 3D polymer cushion material + independent pocket spring, deep dehumidification, and moisture control.

Imported high-purity latex surface is densely covered with moisture exhaust pores, excellent breathability, to ensure that moisture is discharged as soon as possible without accumulation, to prevent the breeding of mites; and latex fits the body curve so that the human body is balanced natural sterilization and mite effect.

3D polymer cushion material with X-90 double-sided mesh design, six-sided permeable structure, can actively release moisture, do not collect moisture.

Independent pocket spring anti-interference is very good, one person will not affect the rest of the next person; at the same time, independent spring stress can provide more compliant body curve support, so that people are more likely to enter a deep sleep state, and its breathable effect is also excellent.

Thus, this SweetNight Dreamy Hybrid Mattress inside and outside the dual circulation breathable system at the same time, the two-pronged approach, from the root of the mattress stifling hot and humid not a breathable problem.

Although the family is very easy to stifling sweating body, in this mattress after a few days of trying to sleep on the back is not stuffy breathable feeling, the night will not toss and turn to change position, can smoothly into the deep sleep after the sleep quality greatly improved.


Softness and hardness is the choice of the mattress a just indicator, the mattress needs to feel soft and hard moderate, too soft or too hard in the morning up are easy to back pain all day, people also have no spirit, in the long run, will also cause irreversible damage to the waist.

This best Mattress for Side Sleepers for us belongs to the soft and hard moderate type, the family front lying down no soft to trapped feeling, more sinewy, to support the waist, turning over is relatively easy no pressure; if the soft mattress, can obviously feel the waist collapse powerless, turning over will also be more effort.

There is no gap between the side lying body and the mattress, the waist, and hip can get good support, the spine is always kept in the horizontal position, and the overall feeling is relatively fresh, not sticky.

? Edge supportability

Edge support good mattress when sitting down no sense of falling, not slipping, not collapsing, even if stepping on it can be stable to hold; edge support is poor but easy to make people stand unstable.

Before the beet used a very soft compression mattress, one day stepped on the edge of the mattress on the floating window, because the edge support is not enough to directly sink into the air, and their thighs were knocked to the corner of the floating window, and pain almost died in place, leg bruises nearly a month to disappear.

This mattress sitting on the edge, can hold the hip, sitting for a long time not tired, for families with children like us, do not have to worry about children sleeping at night when turning over because the edge support is not enough to fall and knocked.

?Interference resistance

Whether the mattress is excellent interference resistance depends largely on the choice of springs, independent pocket springs are relatively more reliable.

With a glass full of water to do the test, family members walk on one side of the mattress, and the other side of the cup does not move, so sleep at night do not have to worry about disturbing the bed partner, shallow sleepers and the elderly are very friendly.

Special reminder: the independent pocket spring mattress has high requirements for a bed frame, and it is generally recommended that the gap between the paving board is within 3cm; but it cannot be a flatbed, which is not breathable and easy to mold.

? Positive and negative sleeping sensations

This mattress has two kinds of softness, the front is moderately hard, the reverse side is slightly hard, flip the side to sleep and a new mattress, doctors also recommend that occasionally changing the feeling of sleeping on the spine better, the spring can also be more evenly stressed, extending the service life.

The front side is moderately soft and hard

The reverse side is hard

Mattress Maintenance

Give the mattress regular rotation can make the normal wear and tear more evenly, and help keep the mattress more comfortable for a longer period of time, the first use of the mattress within three months, it is generally recommended for two weeks to rotate the mattress back and forth, after three months about every two to three months to turn the surface.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

Mattress shopping experience

After a number of mattress replacement, I summed up some practical shopping experience, I hope to give you some reference ~

1. Look at the fabric: touch the fabric to feel comfortable, flat and smooth. Breathability must be good, if there is a brand of black technology added to the best. A relatively simple test is to lie on the mattress a little longer, if the body close to the mattress part of the accumulated heat, feel stuffy uncomfortable, that the breathability of the mattress may be poor, need to be careful to buy.

2. smell: high quality mattress, there will be no irritating smell. Some unscrupulous vendors on the market, in order to reduce costs, often exceed the formaldehyde content of polyurethane compounds or plastic foam mattress to impersonate, these poor quality mattresses often emit irritating odor, which is also easier for consumers to identify.

3. To soft and hard: everyone has different adaptability to mattress softness, which is also the difficulty of buying a mattress. Before to see the dad back pain problem when a doctor gave more professional advice, the owner feels very reasonable, whether young or old, everyone's demand for mattress comfort is not a point, and in a zone, young people's adaptability is stronger, so the softness of the hardness zone is larger, the elderly adaptability is slightly weaker, the zone is smaller.

If young people have the conditions, it is best to regularly adjust the softness of the mattress within the comfort range (such as the mattress can sleep on the front and back, generally a soft side hard), first sleep on the soft side for a period of time, after a while and then replaced with a slightly harder, as long as the hardness of this softness are within the comfort range of the body can bear, over time to make our spine healthier, adaptability is also stronger. Older people are recommended a little harder bed (but in no way refers to the hard bed, the elderly sleep hard bed harmless), they need is better support some mattress.

So what kind of mattress softness is in your comfort zone? Simply put, when you lie on it in any position, feel the fit of the waist and hips with the bed, if you can obviously feel the waist is propped up, it proves that this mattress has good support.

Some simple test methods

Lie: lie flat on the mattress, hand to the neck, waist and hips to the thighs between the three obvious bend in the flat, to see if there is no gap; and then turn over to one side, with the same method to try the body curve depression parts and mattress between there is no gap, if not, and can be relatively easy to reach into a hand, it proves that this mattress and people in sleep neck, back, waist, hips and legs of the natural curve Apt match, such a mattress is in your comfort range.

Sitting: you can sit on the edge of the mattress, feel it around is solid, will not make the body produce a sense of slippage, such a mattress support is relatively good.

Check the quality of the mattress spring: quality spring support and resilience will be better, slightly uniform spring sound when tapping, squeezing does not appear creaking sound; rust, poor quality spring not only poor elasticity, and often in the squeeze "creaking" sound, can be used as the basis, check the quality of the spring.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress


This SweetNight Dream Mix mattress is designed with internal and external double circulation breathable, excellent dehumidification and anti-mold effect, especially suitable for fear of stuffy physique like my family, as well as the southern air humid areas, it is recommended. To buy this mattress, click here.