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Here’s What You Can Do if Quickbooks Crashes When Opening Company File

by mark williams - 28 Apr 2022, Thursday 374 Views Like (0)
Here’s What You Can Do if Quickbooks Crashes When Opening Company File

QuickBooks Desktop is a large application having so many features that it requires thousands of files and processes. All these processes running in the background must function in harmony, as a single glitch can trigger several serious issues. One such issue is when QuickBooks Desktop can’t run smoothly or just crashes frequently without any notification. This is a common issue faced by QuickBooks Desktop users, and most of the time, it is found that the poor performance of the machine on which you are running QuickBooks is responsible for it. Here in this article, we will look at some other reasons that can trigger the same situation and the solutions that you can implement to tackle the situation in the shortest time possible.

For more help fixing a frequently crashing QuickBooks, you must reach QuickBooks Desktop support at the direct support number 1.855.738.2784 

SOLUTION 1: Alter the QBWUSER.ini File Name

  1. 1.To initiate the first step, you must move to the location of the QBWUSER.ini file. 
  2. 2.After you reach the QBWUSER.ini file folder, right-click on the file.
  3. 3.From the list of options, opt for ‘Rename’ and then include the word ‘.OLD’ at the very end of the file name. 
  4. 4.Now, to save the changes, press the ‘Enter’ key.
  5. 5.By going through these similar instructions, make modifications in the EntitlementDataStore.ecml file name.
  6. 6.Finally, quit the folder and then try to run your QuickBooks program.

SOLUTION 2: Jump to a Better Version of Your QuickBooks Desktop By Updating It

  1. 1. Check whether the QuickBooks application is in use or not. If yes, quit it immediately. 
  2. 2. Now, search for QuickBooks on the desktop or from the ‘Start’ section of Windows.
  3. 3. Now, right-click on its icon and then opt for the ‘Run as Administrator option. 
  4. 4. Next, redirect to the No Company Open screen by hitting the ‘Ctrl’ key and double-clicking on the QB icon.
  5. 5. Under the ‘Help’ menu, click on the ‘Update QuickBooks Desktop’ option. 
  6. 6. After that, move to the ‘Options’ tab to opt for ‘Mark All’ and ‘Save’.
  7. 7. Checkmark the ‘Reset Update’ checkbox as you shift towards the ‘Update Now’ tab.
  8. 8. Further, choose ‘Get Updates’ and download all the newly released updates.
  9. 9. In the end, finish installing the updates by re-opening QuickBooks.
  10. 10. To apply the changes, reboot your computer device. 

Once you have an updated version of QuickBooks, your problem will surely disappear. 

If your QuickBooks crashes when opening a company file even after following all the solutions mentioned above, you will need to repair the installation of the program. You can do this by running QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool. All you need to do is to download QuickBooks Tool Hub, run it and go to the Installation Issues tab. Now select the QuickBooks Install Diagnostic Tool, and it will automatically repair the issues in the program that is crashing QuickBooks. If you need more help rectifying the issue, you must reach QuickBooks support by dialing the direct helpline number 1.855.738.2784.

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