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How Can Siding Increase Home Value?

by Ben Adley - 22 Jul 2022, Friday 534 Views Like (0)
How Can Siding Increase Home Value?

Are you looking for ways that can increase your home’s worth? Or do you want to renovate your home and give it a new exterior look? If yes, siding installation can be a perfect way to achieve these goals.

Siding makes a big impact on your home’s exterior look. It does not matter if you’ve been living there for several years or just moved in, it’s important to know what increases your home value. According to a report, siding can increase your home value up to 76%. An upgrade can enhance your home’s curb appeal, can increase your asking price, and attract more buyers.

A new siding can be a smart investment. It gives the home a fresh and new look that appeals to the eyes. However, siding installations and repairs add more value to your property than just resale value. 

In this article, we will break down all the essential benefits that siding can provide to your home. In this blog post, we’ll tell you a few ways vinyl siding can increase your home’s value. 

It Enhances Your Home’s Appearance And Curb Appeal

Over time, the home gets cracks, dents, and other wear and tear. It causes a home to be more susceptible to elements like pests, fungi, and water. Siding is the best way to keep your home protected from these elements and it gives your home a completely new look all of a sudden.

If you want to sell your home online, you may only have a few seconds to make an impact. Buyers don't spend much time on one listing. Therefore, a beautiful-looking home, renovated with the siding can be eye-catching for online buyers.

Other home improvements like roofing or interior changes can also improve the home value, but the exterior attracts the most eyes. A new siding installation or re-siding can make your home look the best in the neighborhood.

Curb appeal is the key. Whether someone drives past your home or stops to take a look, it can make a huge difference. Potential buyers may expect to pay more if the home exterior is clean and beautiful. It is critical to have your home in the best shape possible for prospective buyers. 

It Makes Your Home Energy Efficient

The extra insulation that the sidings provide to a home can be very beneficial for energy savings. It works as an insulation layer to keep your home warm and traps the heat within the home. It makes it easier for home HVAC or heating systems to work more efficiently.

Prospective buyers often look for energy-efficient homes to reduce their utility bills. Most sidings have UV shields and vinyl cores which provide further protection from the heat during hot summers and harsh environments.

Sidings can stop energy leakage, protect your home from hot weather, and act as an insulation layer.

It Provides Home Protection With Durability

Siding is not only good for energy efficiency but also provides much-needed protection and durability to homes. A home can get damaged by storms, moisture damage, cracking, peeling finishes, and other factors. But, if there is reliable and well-founded siding installed, your home will bear all these damages.

A vinyl siding can be a good option for complete weather resistance as it protects the home from water damage and color retention. It also is wind and impact resistant. It can withstand heavy winds up to 110mph.

You Have Plenty Of Choices 

The best thing about the siding is that it comes in different types and materials. You can choose what best compliments your home. Vinyl siding is one of the most commonly used and popular choices. It comes in different colors and price brackets.

Other choices are:

  • Lp Smartside
  • Natural Wood Siding
  • Fiber-Cement Siding
  • Metal Siding
  • Stone Veneer Siding

When To Get New Siding?

Sidings do age and when they get too old, you have to get them replaced to maintain the fresh look of your home. There are some signs that you should replace your siding with a new one.

  • Cracked, loose, or broken panels
  • Leaked water or moisture inside the home
  • Degradation of the color
  • Hike in energy bills
  • Multiple repair jobs within a year

Bottom Line

A new siding is a smart investment for your home. It increases the home value and curb appeal. Siding installation is a complex and expensive job. Make sure to hire experienced and professional siding contractors to ensure the effectiveness of the process. Monarchy Build with its certified and trained professional team offers the best siding services in Ottawa