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How Delivery Management Software Can Help You Scale Your Business Operations

by sophia ash - 10 May 2022, Tuesday 241 Views Like (0)
How Delivery Management Software Can Help You Scale Your Business Operations

As a result of the pandemic, a robust delivery management system has emerged, allowing everything to happen in a flash. And it's exactly what today's customers want: on-time delivery backed by real-time data, feedback forms, emailers with regular updates, real-time alerts and notifications, and so on.

Over the years, we've seen the on-demand market evolve, but the progress in the last year has been revolutionary. Regardless of the type of business or scale of operation, every company now requires a highly effective delivery management system to support improved operational management and increased client involvement.

So, even if you run a small firm with a lot to manage in a day, implementing a delivery management system can be extremely beneficial, from scheduling to final dispatch. Here are some of the reasons why you should use one for your company.

What is Delivery Management Software, and how does it work?

DMS  delivery management software is a digital solution that is used to plan, schedule, manage, optimize, and execute increasingly complex dispatch processes. The delivery management system uses a centralized communication paradigm to connect everyone involved in the delivery process, ensuring that deliveries are as quick, transparent, and efficient as feasible. 

The Most Important Advantages of Using Delivery Management Software

1. Automation & Streamlining:

Businesses can scale faster and more efficiently. The cutting-edge delivery management system automates processes from automated scheduling, dispatching, warehouse management, and final dispatch, reducing the number of stages in the delivery workflow.

This eliminates the need for error-prone spreadsheets, hours of manual labor, and thousands of phone calls. It streamlines and accelerates the entire process, providing managers with the necessary information for important logistics operations. A robust DMS, such as Tookan, also improves transparency by increasing visibility into daily activities.

2. Tracking in Real-Time:

It's difficult to keep track of your delivery agents' whereabouts and provide them directions based on their availability and location. It also doubles the time, cost, and resources when done manually. You may acquire real-time and accurate driver information with effective delivery management software in place.

Managers will be able to track the entire distance driven by the drivers, as well as the amount of time spent on daily deliveries and available slots. Managers can use real-time tracking to investigate unplanned delays caused by vehicle breakdowns, weather, and other factors, and reassign deliveries to the agent closest to the delivery site.

3. Route Improvement

For optimum fleet efficiency, the delivery management software selects the fastest and most efficient routes for its delivery personnel. The optimal routes are determined by factors such as traffic conditions, location proximity, and the availability of the driver.

Both the driver and the admin in control can see the map on their DMS dashboards. This feature enables enterprises to make more deliveries in a smarter and faster manner, allowing you to accomplish your business objectives.

4. Effective Order Processing

The order management process benefits from end-to-end visibility into delivery operations.

To arrange deliveries, pick-ups, and assign/re-assign deliveries to the drivers, the dispatch staff uses an extremely efficient interface. You won't have to sift through hundreds of spreadsheet entries if you have a delivery management system in place.

5. There is no reliance on delivery aggregators

To fit the ever-changing client demands, delivery management solutions like Toucan have replaced the necessity for delivery aggregators. By hiring the correct delivery management software for their services, businesses can now save a lot of money and time.

You can get a good handle on your dispatch operations using the order management feature and real-time driver information. Businesses have grown more self-sufficient thanks to a DMS. They now have every update thanks to a simple software solution that allows them to keep track of everything for maximum profits.

6. Timely and cost-effective deliveries

You can eliminate manual data entry and hundreds of phone calls every day by automating operations. The usage of a DMS lowers operational costs and saves time and resources, all while reducing the possibility of errors and discrepancies. You create a good profit with such an efficient delivery management system, which helps you fulfill your organizational goals faster.

7. Knowledgeable Business Analytics

Gaining business insights is essential for expansion. You'll need several important metrics and patterns to figure out how well the business is doing. Analytics features built into the delivery management software assist you in forming insights and making educated decisions.

The DMS allows you to quickly access historical information about all orders, customers, and delivery. It helps you forecast future delivery needs and identify other performance growth indicators, such as the best time and month to boost your products/services, in addition to historical trends and patterns. This boosts the effectiveness of your marketing activities and streamlines processes.

Are you prepared to raise your game?

It's time to hunt for the correct services now that you're ready to step up your game in the on-demand sector. Remember, you'll have a lot of choices here, but the best delivery management software will provide actual value to your company. 


Not every platform will provide everything at a reasonable cost. Furthermore, paying a greater price for a business that is still in its early stages can be difficult.You'll need a package that meets your company's needs for this. Here's all you need to know about picking a long-term dispatch network for your company.