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How to Make Your Own Custom Toy Box Packaging?

by jone son - 01 Jun 2022, Wednesday 151 Views Like (0)
How to Make Your Own Custom Toy Box Packaging?

You should consider several factors when making your own cheap toy boxes. The box and window size should be appropriately sized, and you should carefully choose the design and font size. There are also many ways to personalize the Custom Toy Boxes. Here are some of them. Read on to learn more! You might also be surprised by the results!

  • Design

Toy box packaging can be an excellent way for toymakers to make their product stand out from the competition. Kids love to play with colorful objects. To ensure your box packaging appeals to this target market:

  1. Choose primary colors like yellow and red.
  2. Include a brief one-line description of the toy inside the box.
  3. Try to avoid cluttered or ambiguous designs to ensure the toy's appeal.

First, you can use Photoshop to create an action figure package. You can use a gradient background to add depth and dimension to the packaging. You should use light and dark shades on both sides for a good effect. You can even create an action figure in Adobe Photoshop. Once you are finished, print out the finished product! Remember, your customers will appreciate the extra effort and attention your custom toy packaging receives!

If you donít have the time to create a custom packaging for toy box, you can easily use an online service to make one for your business. These services will provide you with the cheapest, most reliable, and fastest shipment options for your cheap toy boxes. They even offer free delivery to the USA! So, make sure your customers are happy with their gift packaging and that it's as safe as possible!

  • Font Size

If you are a toy manufacturer, knowing the proper font size for your packaging is critical. To keep kids interested, you should choose a font that appeals to their psychology. A kid-friendly font style is ideal for packaging because it provides maximum characters. This font type includes 238 glyphs and characters, with a light and dark color combination. It's also a popular choice for horror toy packaging. A more modern style is Joseph Dawson, which offers 48 glyphs and 100 characters.

Another option is using a thick font, which can help establish your productís reputation. For example, a thick font looks better on the custom toy box packaging. KONG, a famous dog brand, uses a thick font on their monthly subscription box and outlines of their KONG Classic dog toy. Choosing the right font for your packaging is essential to ensuring its success. Below are a few tips for choosing a font size for your packaging.

Choose a font size for your toy box packaging. The right font size will convey your message to the recipient without sacrificing the design of the toy box. If you want your box to look beautiful, use soothing colors for the eye. Lighter colors will convey a calming effect, and a dark font can cause a child to become distracted. In addition, use masterful shapes to make the box eye-appealing. This will pique their fervor and make them choose your products. Custom packaging will also be made with premium quality printing and concentrated images for an attractive appearance.

  • Size of Box

Custom toy box printing is an essential aspect of the packaging of children's toys. Additionally, this material should excite the childís enthusiasm about the item. Premium quality and robust printing strategies give the packaging a magnificent look. Different bits and embeds are also used to enhance the appeal of custom toy packaging. Custom toy box printing colors should be bright and eye-catching to excite the childís fervor.

You can also order customized toy boxes if you have a limited budget. You can choose any shape, color, or size you want. Additionally, custom packaging will make your brand name stand out and show your innovative energy. Whatever you choose, you will find one that matches your brand image. You will be pleased with the finished product!

  • Size of Window

Custom toy box packaging is available in various shapes and sizes. You can also get die-cut or clear PET/PVC windows for displaying your toy. It is available in different price ranges depending on the quantity. A black toy box with a window can perfectly fit action figure display boxes. This type of packaging is made of premium quality and concentrated printing strategies to create a magnificent appearance. There are various bits embedded inside the box to enhance its appeal.

To increase visibility, choose a cheap toy boxes with a large window. It is essential that the playthings of audiences can be seen easily. Window packaging allows complete transparency of the object. To give the best user experience, the box must be strong enough to hold the action figure.

Custom printed toy boxes are available in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can also get appealing printing for your black toy box packing. Custom printed toy boxes have the edge over the competition for an attractive appearance. They are an excellent way to show innovative energy. You can even choose a window of any size or shape to make your custom toy packaging more attractive. These boxes are also perfect for gifting and selling toys!

  • Colors

To attract your target audience, you must understand the psychology of your customers. Approximately 80% of the customers choose products by the color scheme, and 65% do so because they love the appearance of the packaging. For example, a box that features the popular Spiderman character in red and blue is more likely to attract children aged 5 to 8 than a box with the same color scheme but features various toys.

To attract your target audience, you need to create an appealing toy packaging design. Colorful objects always draw attention to them. The font and design of the toy should be attractive and catch the eye of the kids. The custom packaging boxes should contain a title and a one-line description. Avoid over-cluttering the packaging with extra text or ambiguous designs. It is better to use primary colors than neutral shades.

You can use different fonts to create the packaging. If you are looking for a childish font, you should choose Dinomouse regular. The font has a lot of space for your product name and description. In addition, the Dinomouse font has two-hundred characters, which is sufficient for childish toy packaging. Most toy manufacturers use this font. You can use the Joseph Dawson font for an elegant font with many characters.

  • Material

One of the first considerations you should make is the material. You should choose a material that is not only durable but also safe for your childís toys. Nowadays, eco-friendly concerns have pushed us to look for sustainable materials. While plastic and cardboard are the most popular materials, these are not good for the environment. Choosing sustainable materials will save your family's money and the planet!

Aqueous coating is a water-based, glossy finish. The shiny effect of this coating is ideal for enhancing toy packaging. Metallic colors add a special touch to your toy packaging. Choose from dull gold, rose gold, silver, bronze, gunmetal, and soft pink. Another option is debossing, which offers a sunken appearance. This finish also comes with different printing techniques.


Custom toy packaging is another way to make your toy box stand out and impress your customers. A colorful box with a cartoon motif will surely draw kids' attention. To make the packaging attractive and memorable, consider a printing design. Then, you can make your packaging look even more exciting by printing your company logo on it! The possibilities are endless! So, get creative with your custom toy boxes and create a memorable gift for your child.

Whether you choose a wooden box or a plastic one, a custom toy box is an attractive option to boost your business. A black toy box can be used for many purposes, from storing your toys to storing other items. A custom toy box will make your toys look more attractive and help your business succeed. Your customers will love them even more!


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