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How to Choose a Criminal Defence Lawyer

by Brett McGarry - 12 Oct 2023, Thursday 150 Views Like (0)
How to Choose a Criminal Defence Lawyer

A criminal charge is an extremely serious offence. You, therefore, have a higher chance of getting locked up. Arrests can harm your reputation and professional standing just as much as convictions. The stakes for your future and freedom in the criminal justice system are high enough that finding an experienced Ottawa criminal lawyer should be a top priority. Finding a competent defence attorney requires careful consideration of many factors. If you stick to these rules, your investigation will go more smoothly and yield better results.

  • Degree of Expertise

A criminal accusation demands immediate attention. Verify the legal knowledge of the attorney you choose to represent and counsel you. Finding an ottawa criminal lawyer with experience in all court levels (municipal, state, federal, and superior) is a good idea because court jurisdictions frequently overlap.

The track record of success is just as important as the expert level. While theoretical knowledge can only take you so far, in the face of criminal penalties, nothing beats hands-on experience. The best lawyers have proven records of achievement.  

  • Do not use a public defender.

Using a public defender to save money is appealing, but they often need to be more competent and overwhelmed with cases. This means they have less time to devote to your case, fewer resources to answer your questions, and a lower likelihood of going to bat for you.

  • Regional ties

Locally known and respected solicitors are helpful. Local connections and experience with judges and prosecutors will give you an edge. Authority figures will know who will negotiate a plea bargain.

An ottawa criminal lawyer can better strategize to win their case with this insider's knowledge of the local legal system.

  • Board approval

The "best of the best" are criminal defence attorneys who have passed a rigorous board examination. You can rest easy knowing that your attorney has extensive experience in the specific area of law in which you require assistance. Defence attorneys who focus on criminal cases, have extensive trial experience before juries and have a stellar reputation among judges and prosecutors are likelier to mount a vigorous defence.

  • Meeting with a Person

When searching for an attorney, online and offline resources such as websites, social media, reviews, and testimonials can be beneficial; however, nothing can replace meeting with them. Use the free consultation that most lawyers offer to understand their personality, whether you feel comfortable with them, and whether they understand your situation.

Be bold about asking questions or looking into ratings, testimonials, and recommendations. Is this person someone you can open up to and trust with your thoughts and feelings? Now is when they show you how much they care by fighting hard on your behalf.

  • Open and ready for use

Every second counts and the clock are running out. It's critical that your attorney takes your call and responds right away. An easily contacted and available ottawa criminal lawyer will promptly set up initial and follow-up meetings.

  • Fees

It's only sometimes wise to go with the lawyer who charges the least. The saying "You get what you pay for" applies to legal advice. Thus, paying the highest fees is only sometimes the best. A lower hourly rate is typical for attorneys with less experience, but you should be wary of such a find.

A more expensive attorney with more experience may resolve a case more quickly and effectively than a less seasoned attorney charging a lower hourly rate.


It's important to remember that you shouldn't approach a situation with the cheapest legal counsel you can find because the penalties you could face are severe. You want your legal fees to be reasonable but appropriate for your case's seriousness.

If you need help with your case immediately, don't hesitate to call or email McGarry law. Their criminal defence firm and ottawa criminal lawyer have the expertise and dedication you need to defend your rights, and they're confident you'll agree.