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How to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews

by profit parrot - 01 Sep 2022, Thursday 131 Views Like (0)
How to Get Genuine Amazon Reviews

Potential customers read online reviews more than you might think. Good reviews make the individual more confident about your product and more likely to make a purchase. These are important reasons to be sure your listing has positive reviews. Now, how can you get these reviews legitimately?

If you have made any kind of purchase on Amazon yourself (and who hasn't?), you realize that Amazon sends a generic request for customer feedback. Most of us will ignore this request as just another blip in our busy day unless there is something outstanding, good or bad, that we want others to know about. However, if you send a personalized request to the buyer, they may be more likely to respond. If you time it to just a day or so after the product is received, the purchase is fresh in their minds, and you are probably going to get a response. Make sure there is an easy link for their convenience.

Social media is a powerful tool. If you are already on Facebook and have a good assortment of fans, they probably “liked” you because they made a purchase or two already. Solicit them for another review. Produce a newsletter that you can send to previous purchasers and occasionally ask that they provide an updated review for your Amazon account.

A Word of Caution

A word of caution. Negative reviews generally come from customers who felt that your Amazon descriptor was misleading and the ultimate product did not live up to expectations. If you provide as much accurate and detailed information, there is less chance that you will get negative reviews. Visit https://up??????? to learn more.

Yet another option is to tap into Amazon's list of top reviewers. If you manage a good review from one of these individuals, you could snag more customers. Regular Amazon users value these top promoters. Some of these folks do this for a living. You will need to offer them your product gratis in exchange for a review.

There is a ranking list of Top Reviewers and Hall of Fame Reviewers. If you mouse over the names, you will see that person's most used tags, and you can determine which products most closely resemble yours and those are the people you want to target for a review of your stuff. Many of these reviewers will have their email as part of their profile. You can also try contacting them through other social media.

With their email, you can prepare your own request for a review. Be honest. Explain that you found them through Amazon and that you would like to offer them your product in exchange for a review. Personalize the communication by commenting on specific reviews of theirs that you have read. Be sure to explain that there is no obligation for their published review. Keep a list of all the people you contact and whether or not they reply. Many may ignore your request, but some might. Having the force of a recognized reviewer can add oomph to your sales. If they agree to the process, follow up with the product and watch for the review. Then send a thank you for their efforts. If they respond by saying no, send them an acknowledgement anyway. Who knows, next time, they may opt your way.

These are all good ways to get reviews of your products and boost sales.