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Home Business How to Grow Your Online Selling Business on Meesho?

How to Grow Your Online Selling Business on Meesho?

by arjun aatri - 27 May 2022, Friday 129 Views Like (0)
How to Grow Your Online Selling Business on Meesho?

Over 5 million Meesho products and sangrias have been sold across a variety of categories, including clothing, beauty, home goods, and household items. The most popular product categories include women's ethnic wear and men's wear, as well as accessories such as western wear and home essentials. Meesho's seller platform offers you the opportunity to open your online shop from home. Unlike other eCommerce platforms, Meesho doesn't charge any commission for your products. This article will cover everything you need to know to start selling anything on Meesho.

Registering with Meesho Supplier Panel What you should know about the seller 

- GSTIN Number

- Account inactive bank

These are the steps you need to get started selling/shopping on Meesho

Step 1: Create a seller profile on Meesho.

Step 2: In the email fields, enter your password and email address.

Step 3: Type your GST number correctly

Step 4: Provide your proper pickup address

Step 5: Enter your correct active bank account details

Step 6: Type the details of your supplier

Great! Now you can access your Meesho main dashboard. You can now add products to your Meesho seller main dashboard, manage inventory, and process orders. Your Meesho supplier dashboard now allows you to view your payment and deposit status.

Meesho seller List Product Catalog?

After completing your registration, you will be able to access the supplier panel. You will be able to upload a quality catalogue of products. This is where you can organize and manage your products.

Upload your catalogue to Meesho to start selling your products. You must also add photos that correspond to your product. You should provide a detailed product description and help from repurchasing sellers to sell your products on Meesho.

Example: If you plan to sell a saree through Meesho sellers, your catalogue of sarees will need to be included along with every major component of the saree. You can also upload multiple images of the same saree. To sell quality products, you can create a well-designed product catalogue.

Meesho Supplier Price and Commission Rates

Settlement Amount = Product price - Commission Fee (usually 0% depending on product category) GST - TCS

The settlement amount you receive on the 15th of each month after order delivery is complete is shown here. The product value is the price that you agree to share with Meesho Supplier. GST tax is the amount you pay for each sale. Meesho charges 18% GST for the commission fee. TCS is 1% of the total taxable value. 

Can you sell products on Meesho with no GST?

According to the government regulations, all sellers who work on e-commerce websites must have a Goods and Services Taxpayer ID Number (GSTIN). To become a vendor on Meesho, you will need to have a GSTIN.  can help you get the GSTIN for your business.

If you are a reseller, however, you won't need a GST number. Start your own business right from your home. You just need to promote and sell the product with your reseller network.

How do I get the product delivered to Meesho?

Meesho will send you an email when you receive an order. Meesho has its own logistics partners Meesho will arrange for the delivery of your product at no cost. Meesho has partnered with several logistics partners that will pick up your product from your location and deliver it to your home or office.

Meesho will immediately appear on the supplier panel after receiving the order for the product.

Accept orders and download labels

- Pack the product, and attach the label to the packaging

- Assign the product to Meesho's logistic partners

Meesho: Benefits of selling your products

Meesho sellers do not pay commission to suppliers who sell products on Meesho.

Meesho does not deduct shipping costs from your settlement account, unlike other major marketplaces.

Meesho is your resale platform for products and endowments. It offers easy product listing, low shipping costs, and prompt payments.

Meesho offers a great platform for small-scale sellers and brands. It is also a great place to find a plan to start your own business.

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