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Individual and Group Counseling Sessions

by cathenna Bennett - 28 May 2022, Saturday 116 Views Like (0)
Individual and Group Counseling Sessions

Caron Renaissance offers individual and group counseling sessions where patients can speak with someone about their addiction. Here, they can discuss any concerns they have and work towards a solution. The goal is to help each person move forward in their recovery process while also learning to be accountable for themselves. One of the best things with this type of therapy about Caron Post Treatment Program Reviews is that it helps people understand more about why they became addicted in the first place. They might learn that they were self-medicating due to childhood trauma or abuse. Whatever the reason, these sessions are designed to help people feel more comfortable in their own skin and figure out how to stay sober on their own when they leave rehab.

The Importance of Trauma-Based Counseling and Art Therapy

The Caron Renaissance facility offers a variety of therapies to help you heal during your stay. These include trauma-based counseling and art therapy. Many people who have gone through addiction have had painful experiences in their lives that have led them down this path. Trauma is often what drives someone to use drugs or alcohol as a coping mechanism, and it is important to get past the root of this problem for long-term recovery. Through trauma-based counseling, patients are able to examine their experience and work through the difficult memories that have led them here. Art therapy offers another way to process your experience as an addict while providing an outlet for expression. It is an excellent way to connect with oneself so that they can move forward with their life in a healthy way.


Rehabilitation Through Physical Activity and Fitness Classes

One of the most important aspects of getting clean and sober is exercise. Caron Renaissance offers a variety of different physical activities, such as yoga and kickboxing. These activities help you to get back in shape physically, but also give you a place to work out your emotions. The staff at Caron Renaissance understands that people relapse because they lack coping skills. So, they also offer fitness classes that teach mindfulness and coping skills. The idea is that by teaching these skills within an activity like yoga class, it becomes more difficult for someone to fall back into old habits when faced with triggers or difficult emotions. Caron Renaissance goes beyond simply offering a program of AA or NA meetings--they provide ways for individuals to maintain sobriety on their own outside those two programs. They offer addiction education so people can make healthy lifestyle choices without falling back into old patterns, like drug use or alcohol consumption. They also provide fitness classes for residents to learn about how to cope without using drugs or alcohol as a way of dealing with stress or anxiety.