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Is Outsourcing Call Center Services to India Still a Good Option?

by Alicia Johnson - 25 Jul 2022, Monday 336 Views Like (0)
Is Outsourcing Call Center Services to India Still a Good Option?

Several companies dealing with customers at the front end need additional support in order to draft the results in favor of their business. Here, in many cases, the support revolves around offering human support to interact with customers and handle their queries. 

Therefore, to ease the efforts, organizations are seen outsourcing their call center operations to countries like the US, Philippines, and India. These countries have long-known expertise in deriving positive results and improving customer satisfaction.

With the turn of events, India has successfully claimed the mark of outsourcing hub and proved its worth in the global market. But several reports are still raising speculations over its capabilities: Is outsourcing call center services to India a good option?

The Roadmap: History and Achievements:

Call center services in India has a rich history of offering top-notch outsourcing services to their clients.

The ability to reach the targeted audience and eliminate the language and boundary barriers have made India stand out from the competition.

In the early times of development, the firm owners, mostly from the United States and European countries, started to take offshore call center services from India, most preferably due to cost-saving and India’s ability to deliver results within a very short span. The day-to-day practice successfully led to advance the capacity of outsourcing space in the country.

India’s capabilities to engage the youth and college graduates for the call center executive’s job role projected the call center industry on a much higher level, which significantly pushes the BPO market in the country to the next level.

Presently, call centers in India have over five lakhs+ executives who are ready to serve one purpose. In addition, India is awarded NASSCOM’s certificate that states the power to rank as a BPO hub among top countries offering call center services.

Why are call center services in India expected to lessen in comparison to other countries?

With the modern infusion of technology, many buyers from around the globe are continuously debating over choosing India as their outsourcing destination.

The course of call center development in India continued for several years. But the reflex of modernization and method of conducting a business made the business owners reconsider their decision to obtain call center services from India.

The rise in speculation and shrinkage in the call center services are getting powered due to the below-mentioned reasons-

The shift in technology

In the present scenario, the requirements of a business are switching from manual platforms to automation.

As a result, to it, it accounts for the fall in the requirements of human efforts, as the companies are somehow more interested in getting the work done at a faster pace rather than getting back to slow-paced or no solutions at all from the professionals to get a solution.

Spoken Accent

The accent in India generally spoken by the call center agents somehow holds back the interest of the business owners.

Having 25+ years of service in the call center domain, India has always been the priority for call center outsourcing. But the several known situations conclude that certain words or phrases used by Indian call center agents differ from the executives of China and the Philippines. In addition, the accent used by call center agents in the Philippines and other countries is more acceptable to the United States and European audiences in comparison to the BPO companies in India.

The factor of accent difference is constantly declining the interest of many companies in outsourcing their call center services to India.

Government Intervention

India is a vast country and is a land of diversity, where the rules and regulations for conducting business frequently change with the boundary of the State and district.

Here in India, companies need to submit a number of compliance paperwork to get themselves started with outsourcing services to the United States or other countries, which is quite a tedious process. Whereas, beginning with the services in South-East Asia countries is much more convenient as it needs less documentation.

Hence, the companies are looking back to other offshore destinations for an easy process and earning profits without investing too much effort.

Three key reasons for still investing in an Indian Call Center

Irrespective of the downturn in voice and non-voice call center process demand in India due to its important factors, the call center outsourcing companies in India are still gaining big.

The question here arises How?

Although the factor for visible shrinkage is difficult, still various available reasons are largely contributing to business development with its whole different set of benefits.

The results derived through the invested efforts are colossal. The influence of call center services in India can be understood by continuous growth in its revenue which is expected to rise by 14.67% CAGR by the year 2026.

Several reasons still contribute to and encourage the targeted audience to obtain call center services from India.

A few of them are mentioned below:

A large Number of Graduate Workforce

India has a huge population of 1.2 billion+. Each year thousands of young minds graduate from universities and actively start looking for a job to become a helping hand to their family.

The call center job opportunities are always welcoming options for these aspiring candidates.

Due to their enthusiasm and urge to learn and explore more, graduate executives have the power to improve the expected outcomes of the client’s business by effectively communicating and providing excellent resolution to their customers over the preferred communication channel. The majority of talented minds make India still a suitable and preferable option for call center services.

Currency Difference

When clients from the United States tend to look for call center services, the main aspect they ask for is effective returns on their invested amount.

The difference in currency between India and other Southeast Asia plays a major role in making India a very suitable option.

Let us now understand the entire circumstance with an example, suppose a US-based company is interested in investing $100 in workforce/ executives.

Here the currency difference plays a dominant role, as the outsourcing company from the Philippines is capable of offering 20 seats for $100, whereas outsourcing companies from India are competent to offer 30 seats for the same amount (i.e., $100).

Thus, the capacity to offer more at a lesser price in relation to currency differences is making India a hot choice among customer-centric business owners.

Digital India Initiative

In recent days years of development, the Indian Government has come up with several initiatives in regards to promoting the concept of digitalization under the ‘Digital India Campaign.’

The BPO companies are actively collaborating with the initiative to derive exceptional clients from all around the world.

The Government of India is taking every necessary and possible step to grab the interest of foreign investors and keep claiming the tag of outsourcing hub.

The Bottom Line

Although India is experiencing several factors that are significantly leading to the shrinkage of the Outsourcing market, the appealing offerings and dedication of the Indian workforce are setting them apart. The call centers in India are effectively offering 24X7 customer support service, which goes hand in hand with the time difference to support the clients and customers, even during the odd hours of the clock.

At present, India is creating a remarkable presence by offering eminent services on a countable budget. The facilities provided by call centers in India stand out from the line even after facing multiple challenges, all because of their long years of experience in the domain.