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Know More About Edges of Granite Countertops

by Sankesh Bhandari - 13 Oct 2022, Thursday 364 Views Like (0)
Know More About Edges of Granite Countertops

In many people's ideal kitchen designs, granite is a very common material for the kitchen countertops. But have you ever considered the granite countertop edge profile you want? The aesthetics and ease of cleaning of your kitchen can both be significantly influenced by the edge of your kitchen counters. It's crucial to take into account whether you have any young children who might hurt themselves on a countertop edge. What edge profile for a granite countertop is, therefore, the best?

Let's find out what the granite manufacturers in Gujarat have to offer - 

Full Bullnose Edge

Full Bullnose Edges, which provide curves on the top and bottom of the projecting portion of your granite countertop, essentially curve all the way around. Since there are no sharp corners, the design is particularly safe for kids. But because these entire bullnose edges are curved, when you clean up spilt liquids or crumbs from your countertop, they frequently slide underneath the edge and into your cupboards.

Half Bullnose

This countertop edge type is comparable to the complete version, except it slopes straight down to the floor at a 90-degree angle. Spills tend to fall directly to the ground instead of into your cabinetry, making it simple to clean and wipe them away. Although this countertop edge type is affordable, contemporary, and attractive for granite countertops, it is less kid-friendly due to the bottom edge's sharper edge. In addition, it may be a little too plain and monotonous for some homeowners.

Ogee Edge

Ogee edges (or double ogee edges), one of the nicer granite countertop edges, are frequently found adorning the kitchen or bathroom of a posh hotel or casino. The S-shape edge profile is classic and fashionable, especially in a stone like granite or marble. This form of edge has long been linked to richness and opulence.

However, the S-shaped decorations on the ogee edge make cleaning it difficult, and if you use it excessively in kitchens where it isn't necessary, it could appear a little out of place.

Beveled Edge

Another design that can complement a variety of aesthetics is a bevelled or bevel edge, which has a distinctive 45-degree slant that lowers into a right angle. With a bevel edge, spilled liquids run into the floor instead of your cabinets, which is excellent and makes cleaning and maintaining your granite worktops and cabinets simple. However, bevel edge counters are not child-safe because of their sharp edges, and some homeowners love them while others despise them.

Straight Edge (Square Edge)

There aren't many simpler solutions for kitchen countertop edges than the new 90-degree right angle cut of the straight edge. This fashion features a clean, sleek, contemporary appearance that is inexpensive to cut and maintain. It also works well in almost any setting. However, because of the sharp corners, these edges are hazardous for children, and for some consumers, they are simply too thin.

Eased Edge

A softly rounded edge profile that gently eases toward the floor is what is meant by an eased edge. This typical granite countertop edge design is ideal for kitchens with young children or animals. A lot of kitchen themes work well with eased edges, but that's just because such themes are a touch monotonous. According to your perspective, this is the countertop edge that is "safest" out of all the possibilities available.

Waterfall Edge

The waterfall edge, a more recent variation of the chiselled edge, is essentially a square edge that extends straight down to the floor as part of the unit. The granite countertop is meant to resemble a waterfall that cascades to the ground from a cliff. Kitchen islands with waterfall edges are fairly common, making your granite surface a stylish focal point. These worktops' seamless look is great, but it has sharp corners that can be dangerous when there are children or small places around. Additionally, this granite edge style is costly and highly design-specific.