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Mattress Is Not the More Expensive the Better! Share the Mattress Purchase and Use of Those Things

by Patricia Stryker - 07 Oct 2022, Friday 324 Views Like (0)
Mattress Is Not the More Expensive the Better! Share the Mattress Purchase and Use of Those Things

Hello, my name is Kevin a home appliance digital field of life, I like to experience a variety of new or explosive models, and strive to share the real feelings of temperature.

As a business travel party, years of running around plus irregular work and rest time, resulting in a long period of time in the past, the quality of my sleep is very poor, often feel a whole night is half asleep between half awake. In the past three years, because of well-known reasons, I stopped traveling and began to WFH state, also counted enough time to adjust the sleep, now has been considered to return to normal levels, after having enough sleep, the whole person's tone is different, plus the last two years really a little "Let nature take its course", self-perception and friends learned from the mouth I look a little younger than in previous years.

Normal human life has more than 30% of the time spent in bed, I was talking with many friends around and station friends furniture selection, many people will spend more energy and money on the choice of mattress, indeed a good mattress can bring a completely different sleep experience.

I moved into their own small house from the previous year, a total of three shop best mattress, three mattresses are my own carefully selected and are using, the price and features vary, I think they are very good, but also quite representative, this article will share my own how to choose a mattress, and the use of mattresses some experience, I hope it can help friends.

Dreamy Hybrid Mattress

Know your needs

No matter what to buy, there is an approximate psychological price or budget is very important, we have to understand a reason when choosing any product, that is, we try to choose the most suitable for their products in a certain price range, and should not be "cost-effective first", "$ 300 more than $8000 yuan", such as mattresses as "a penny a pile" representative of the material more so, your budget is how much will directly lead to the direction of the next choice.

We also need to figure out their own and their families on the mattress sleep feeling soft and hard preferences, some people like hard bed, palm bed, use a little softer spring mattress, memory foam mattress simply can not sleep; some people like to fall into the feeling; different age groups, different weight, even different gender for mattress sleep feeling preferences are not the same, so in the choice of mattress before you must find out their body real preferences.

That for most of us how to know their body on the mattress sleep feeling soft and hard preferences?

On the one hand is the past habits, what type of mattress in the past, how hard?

On the other hand is the need to try to experience a new mattress, may not have slept in the past, but as long as the body will love to sleep once. Frequent travelers can sleep in different hotels through the bed probably know their body prefer which; others need to go to the furniture store to try to go to the various brands of stores to experience different mattresses, such as wearing a comfortable clothes to find a time to go to IKEA to lie one by one, the purpose is not to buy a mattress IKEA, but to know their body's preference for mattress sleep.

If you are a person who is also picky about pillows, then bring your own pillow, and other pillows in the store to compare, but also as far as possible to exclude the biggest factors affecting the mattress experience, more accurate understanding of their body's preference for mattress sleep. Is it to say that it does not feel too good? For the future 8 hours a day, more than 300 days a year of sleep, must have the cheek to do so, home stores, sales have long been used to these, there are many people are wearing pajamas to try, as long as not overexposed to affect others, are very normal.

Originally I did not want to talk about the brand, because for me as an engineering straight man, more inclined to "configuration", "parameters", "material", "real feedback "and other relatively objective aspects. But I found when I talked to a female friend about this, for a brand preference or trust will make her willing to spend money, that is, we often say "spend money to buy happy", but also more or less affect the use of later feelings, which is a kind of psychological implication, but really affects the user's feelings about a product. So here I will also slightly say some brand it.

If the budget is controlled to $1000 or less, I think there are still a lot of brands to choose from.

There are also some of these years the development of innovative mattresses, such as SweetNight removable mattress, generally have their own "unique skills", the use of new materials or new processes and according to the current preferences and needs of the mattress to produce a mattress with special features.

Twilight | Pillow Top Memory Foam & Inner Springs Hybrid Mattress

Mattress structure

So how to choose a mattress an alternative mattress? Or no matter what brand you choose what price of the mattress which some knowledge is needed to understand in advance, not to see the mattress configuration description or hear the sales staff is confused.

A mattress often includes the following components: support layer, filling layer, surface fabric.

? support layer

Common support layer has a spring (independent pocket spring, the whole network spring), palm, air fiber.

Palm is the natural material with glue or without glue hand-prepared, characterized by high hardness, there are some like hard bed bed will like, but do not over-exaggerate the comfort of the palm mattress.

Air fiber is a lofty claim, its essence is polyethylene 3D fiber, this material has a more sparse texture than coconut palm, more rich adjustable elastic strength, breathability is also good, but now the use of this technology mattress brand is less, belong to the more niche products, the price is also more expensive, I personally will not consider for the time being.

Focus on the most used in the mattress independent pocket spring and the whole network spring, now most mattresses will boast how many how many independent pocket spring, so much so that we may think that independent pocket spring than the whole network spring, this concept is strictly speaking wrong.

Independent pocket spring mattresses are generally more complex than the whole web spring, and in most cases cost more, because they need to use a non-woven bag or another material bag for each spring, and then arranged, the spring is not directly connected to the spring, the spring deformation on one side does not drive the other side of the spring deformation, which is a plus on a double mattress.

Part of the independent pocket spring mattress using more than one type of spring, the different elasticity of the spring reasonable zoning arrangement can bring more suitable support to different parts of the body, such as the waist needs support, the use of greater elasticity in the middle of the mattress stronger support springs, the head and tail use elasticity of small springs, but my own offline experience a few feel this feeling is not particularly obvious, the main or There is a thick layer of filling above the support layer, it is best to try before buying the mattress to avoid wasting money.

The whole network of springs as a whole, the spring interaction between the force, the overall sense of good, good support of the whole mattress, in the need for support of the children's mattress this is a plus; the disadvantage is precisely because all the springs are interrelated, so poor anti-interference performance, the left side of the movement, the right side also followed, which is a minus on the double mattress.

?Filling layer

The filling layer compared to the support layer is more types, but also more dazzling, here are a few common filling layer materials, and then to name a few can be.

Common padding layer materials include cotton, latex, wool, hemp, horse hair, etc.

Different hardness and rebound of cotton bring different touches, latex is relatively mainly to provide elasticity and wrapping sense, wool/horse hair and other natural materials are also to increase the sense of wrapping, and breathability.

The more layers of filling are not the better the mattress. No, but basically the more layers of filling, the thicker and more expensive mattress. Understand this point can be prevented by "this mattress has N layer filling layer" such words directly said confused to order.

? surface fabric

Our countrymen use mattress basic or will cover the mattress sheet, and even some covered with waterproof bed sheets, I personally do not recommend, especially waterproof bed sheets will lose the breathability of the mattress itself.

Many mattresses are to encourage users to sleep directly on it, the surface fabric is used to make the body skin contact comfortable material, even if the sheet is used, the material is excellent to ensure that the whole mattress has good breathability.


Twilight | Pillow Top Memory Foam & Inner Springs Hybrid Mattress

In addition to the support layer, filling layer, the surface fabric material use, mattress stitching, hardware material, glue, whether or not to have edge support also more or less affect the use of a mattress experience.

Here do not expand, it should be noted that a good mattress in detail is also very demanding, neat stitching, zipper smooth, glue formaldehyde and other non-excessive is a good mattress necessary conditions.

Last year when I briefly used a roll pressure mattress, just started to feel very interesting, but in use I found its late emergence of several problems, also seems to be all brand roll pressure mattress are problems, one is soft, one is no edge support, close to the edge of the bed easy to roll off the bed, and long time use more easily deformed.


Thank you for your patience in reading, I hope you no longer feel that choosing a "good mattress" for yourself is a difficult task. I will choose a mattress and buy a mattress of the main considerations are summarized as follows.

It is best to go to the physical store to test before buying.

Clearly mattress use people? themselves, husband and wife, children, parents, and elderly.

Some of the new concept mattresses can bring more in line with each person's products, and better experience, and some simply facilitate the transportation or storage of goods.

I myself have not experienced the mattress there is no way to directly recommend it, but welcome friends will be their own fancy style message to tell me, I and you to analyze the mattress theoretically how, and whether it is worth buying.